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C3 AI Gains Momentum and Increases Competitiveness with Model-Driven Approach to AI

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Futurum’s Daniel Newman and Fred McClimans take a look at the success of C3 AI and explore why the firm is a strong competitor in both the government/defense and commercial sectors. The company’s unique and differentiated approach to the challenge of managing and gaining insights from massive amounts of enterprise data is the difference between a data-first and an AI-first approach (and a key differentiator between C3 AI and Palantir).

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AWS Nitro Enclaves: The AWS Answer for Trusted Execution Environments

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We believe that with AWS entering the Confidential Computing space, the bigger message here is that Big Tech is increasingly addressing data security in novel and important ways by addressing the entire data chain to ensure that organizations are able to pass on that security to their customers. We expect big things ahead in the Confidential Computing space and AWS, as always, is on the forefront.