Treasure Data Releases a Customer Journey Orchestration Solution

Treasure Data Releases a Customer Journey Orchestration Solution

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Treasure Data Releases a Customer Journey Orchestration Solution

The News: Last week, Treasure Data released Treasure Data Journey Orchestration, an omnichannel-first solution enabling marketers to create top notch customer experiences across all channels, campaigns, and business units. Read the full announcement here.

Treasure Data Releases a Customer Journey Orchestration Solution

Analyst Take: In today’s world, customer experiences are everything in the buying journey, for both B2B and B2C customers. Marketers and organizations are tasked with collecting and analyzing customer data to deliver personalized experiences across every touch point, from digital media channels to in-store. But this goal is not without its challenges, which is why the Treasure Data Journey Orchestration solution is an attractive addition to their existing suite of customer data tools.

Treasure Data Journey Orchestration brings together data and insights into AI-powered customer profiles with data from systems, business units, and teams across an organization. With a visual representation of data, marketers can easily see and plan personalized journeys for each customer from the first interaction to continued brand loyalty. Some of the noteworthy features include:

  • Integrated CDP capabilities for smarter data and better recommendations for each stage of the customer journey.
  • Meet KPIs easier with optimized spend and conversion goal data available to all teams in the organization.
  • Agnostic platform works with an organization’s existing solutions including email, social, and paid solutions. This future-proofs investments while further enhancing the existing tools in use.
  • Privacy compliant with built-in models to ensure global privacy regulations are met throughout the entire process.

Customer Experience Continues to Take Center Stage

Inaccurate, incomplete, or disconnected data leads to subpar experiences. And in today’s world, where experiences can win or lose customers, a subpar experience creates risks that companies should no longer take. Especially with the broad set of technologies available in the market today to provide organizations with critical data and paths to action. In its newest release, Treasure Data provides a set of tools that appear to meet these needs. Furthermore, the company’s growth over the last decade reflects its understanding of the shifting market forces.

As the CDP landscape continues to grow and evolve, Treasure Data continues to provide meaningful innovation in the space, constantly pushing the boundaries of possibilities for marketers and organizations seeking to maximize return on customer data. I believe we will see continued growth and further product development from the company throughout 2022 and beyond as businesses continue to look to leverage the power of their customer data. Of course, it will be important for the company to stay focused and win key customers in the markets it serves. As competition in the CDP space expands Treasure Data will be forced to stay on its toes, but there are many reasons to be optimistic about its prospects.

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