MWC 2022. Amdocs Digital Services Expansion Accentuates Amdocs Mission to Spur Cloud Journeys

MWC 2022: Amdocs Digital Services Expansion Accentuates Amdocs Mission to Spur Cloud Journeys

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MWC 2022. Amdocs Digital Services Expansion Accentuates Amdocs Mission to Spur Cloud Journeys

The News: Amdocs, a provider of software and services to communications and media companies, announced the expansion of its services capabilities aimed at accelerating the industry’s journey to the cloud, improve business operations, and drive innovate digital experiences for the end user. Read the Amdocs Press Release here.

MWC 2022: Amdocs Digital Services Expansion Accentuates Amdocs Mission to Spur Cloud Journeys

Analyst Take: I see Amdocs is shrewdly using the MWC 2022 event to tout the recent enlargement of its Amdocs Digital Services portfolio to support and power communications services providers and media organizations in their cloud journeys. The portfolio includes advising customers on business and technical strategy, designing & implementing designated business solutions, managing specific business operations process, adopting DevSecOps, migrating applications to the cloud, and orchestrating large-scale transformation projects.

I view Amdocs recognizing the fundamental challenge for most communications service providers and media organizations is that the cloud journey is too complex with an array of unknowns to handle through using only their internal resources. Regardless of the stage of their cloud journey they need a trusted advisor, such as Amdocs Digital Services, to develop the confidence that is crucial to advancing their application migration objectives and avoiding nasty DIY (do-it-yourself) surprises, especially across multi-cloud environments.

Of key importance, Amdocs recently completed the acquisition of DevOpsGroup, a UK-based cloud specialist that offers engineering, consultancy, and training services for organizations committed to advancing their cloud journeys. The deal follows on the purchase of Sourced Group last year and shows Amdocs willingness to use acquisition to broaden Amdocs Digital Services capabilities to support the entirety of customer cloud journeys including migration of Amdocs and non-Amdocs applications, cloud-native development, and cloud operations.

Key Takeaways on Amdocs Digital Services Expansion

I see the emphasis on supporting non-Amdocs applications as aligning with CSP prioritization of using multi-vendor solutions and multi-cloud architectures to avoid the risk of vendor lock-in across cloud environments. From my perspective, Amdocs gains competitive differentiation by stressing the key role of DevSecOps in overall DevOps frameworks since it bakes in threat modeling, vulnerability testing, and incident management from the inception of software development, including especially cloud-native software. This enables CSPs to avoid bolting on security after deployments across intricate cloud fabrics, which can increase the chances of security breaches and lapses.

I believe Amdocs also puts more competitive pressure on key rivals Netcracker, Ericsson, Nokia, MATRIXX Software, Oracle, HPE, and IBM to put more portfolio development and marketing emphasis on their DevSecOps capabilities to counter Amdocs and potentially boost their security credentials across DevOps and cloud native software development environments.

Disclosure: Futurum Research is a research and advisory firm that engages or has engaged in research, analysis, and advisory services with many technology companies, including those mentioned in this article. The author does not hold any equity positions with any company mentioned in this article.

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