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T-Mobile Enlists Key 5G Partners to Take 5G Private Wireless to the Next Level with 5G ANS

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Futurum’s Ron Westfall examines how T-Mobile’s Advanced Network Solutions (ANS) launch benefits from its collaboration with Dell, Ericsson, and Nokia in delivering public network, hybrid mobile network, and private network options and capabilities as well as bolsters T-Mobile’s overall 5G private networks and mobile edge compute portfolio proposition.

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T-Mobile Hits 100% Renewable Energy Goal: Boosts Sustainability Credentials of Mobile Industry

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T-Mobile fulfilled its ambitious objective of running 100% of its total electricity usage with renewable energy by the end of 2021. Futurum Research senior analyst Ron Westfall assesses why T-Mobile RE100 accomplishment can elevate clean energy considerations in the evaluation of mobile operators, including especially 5G services, aid organizations in their pursuit of ESG goals, and how the milestone puts more competitive pressure on rivals.

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T‑Mobile’s Massive Data Breach Impacts 100 Million+ T-Mobile USA Customers

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Futurum analysts Steven Dickens and Shelly Kramer take a look at the massive T-Mobile data breach affecting some 100+ million T-Mobile USA customers. Their analysis includes a look at how the news broke, who has claimed responsibility for the attack and why, how an allegedly insecure backup server is the claimed point of entry and where and how customer data is being sold.

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T-Mobile WFX Unlimited 5G Plans Take on Verizon and AT&T in The Enterprise

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With the launch of T-Mobile WFX unlimited 5G plans, it’s clear that T-Mobile is taking on Verizon and AT&T in the enterprise. Futurum’s Olivier Blanchard walks through the T-Mobile offering and T-Mobile’s clear move to take this opportunity to reduce friction and provide businesses with a relatively pain-free alternative and an enterprise-grade unlimited data plan.