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T-Mobile Sprint Deal Wins Merger Approval — Wreaking Competitive Havoc is Next Up

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The T-Mobile Sprint deal wins merger approval, and no doubt wreaking competitive havoc is on the agenda for the new entity, called The New T-Mobile. That said, there’s more ahead than just shaking up the mobile carrier space. Here’s my perspective on the merger and the various 5G benefit claims made by The New T-Mobile, along with what’s likely ahead for cable operators. There are also some concerns that loom ahead, including delivering on the promised benefits, legal approval of the Dish Network settlement, and securing approval from the California Public Utility Commission.

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DOJ Finally Approves Sprint T-Mobile Merger

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The DOJ has finally approved the Sprint T-Mobile merger, setting the stage for three major US carriers, with 5G on the horizon. This, in theory, should enable Dish to effectively become the new fourth major US carrier, and fill the theoretical competition gap left by the Sprint T-Mobile merger, and allow Dish to work to build out its own 5G network.

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Six Steps to Make a Massive Five Year Turnaround — Lessons from Sprint

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Sprint had been on the brink of death. From 2009 to 2015, the company went from a solid third place among mobile phone providers to dead last. It was then the company decided on a comeback. Their six-step plan, reminiscent of other successful digital transformation strategies, has already shown signs of progress and growth. While at Pegaworld this year, I …