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3 Ways to Embrace Digitization to Improve Productivity

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Going back to Economics 101, productivity is the stimulus that our economy needs. When productivity increases, wages and standards of living follow suit, causing the demand for goods and services to increase along with them. In a world where technology advances on a daily basis could we really be seeing a decline in productivity? You bet. According to a recent …

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The Silent Killers of Productivity: Social Media and Mobile

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In a recent article written in partnership with Microsoft, I discussed a number of ways technology can help improve productivity for your business. But what happens when technology actually becomes a hindrance to keeping things moving? Enter the silent killers of productivity: social media and mobile. In the most recent Office Small Business Academy Webcast, “Work Smarter: Productivity Tools for …

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Intelligent Tech Adoption Key to Saving Time and Increasing Productivity 

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Work smarter, not harder. It’s probably been a goal for most of us since we entered the job force. And technology—with nearly unlimited tools for automation, collaboration, and artificial intelligence—offers many potential solutions to the problem of overwork and overwhelm. But how do we know which tech will really help, and which will merely serve as a forward-thinking distraction? Turns …

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Say Yes to Gamification

In Technology by Meghan M. Biro3 Comments

Gamification is proving to be an effective tactic to help motivate employees and increase engagement. A dedicated workforce can be your greatest asset and — whether it’s because of lower employee turnover or increased productivity. That’s why employers are often looking for innovative ways to improve their workplace culture, and some are even adding fun gaming elements to help stimulate …

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Tackling Collaborative Overload in Your Organization

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Collaborative activities drive business outcomes because they open channels of communication and invite innovation. Today’s millennial workers, especially, are accustomed to working in close-knit teams, bouncing ideas off each other, and earning instant feedback from colleagues. While strong communication remains a cornerstone of the modern business model, too much of anything can become a problem. When collaborative overload taxes your …

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Understanding the Power of Policies for BYOD

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Shadow IT is a credible security threat. For a time, the bring your own device (BYOD) trend was seen as a major contributor to that threat. BYOD does not have to compete with security demands, however. If you embrace it with education and engagement, BYOD can be a tool to launch your company forward. Consider the Need for a Well-Strategized …

Five Important Ways Mobility Empowers the Workforce

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This post is sponsored by Samsung Business. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Say you’re in an unfamiliar town, and you’re craving sushi. You whip out your phone and type—or simply say—“sushi restaurants nearby.” Before you can blink an eye, you have a host of highly rated restaurants all within three miles of your current (unfamiliar) location. In this age …

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The Role of Company Culture in Technology Integration Success! #SMACtalk Ep 28

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Brian and Dan attempt to change the current technology discussion from what’s the best technology solutions available to, what technology is my company using today and what solutions best fit in my company culture.  The goal for businesses embracing technology must be around implementing the best tools and solutions to empower our employees to be most productive when solving business …