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Businesses Need Extreme Recruiting to Win Over the Brightest Millennial Tech Talent

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Millennials and Generation Z are flocking to Silicon Valley for jobs. No surprise, then, that many companies outside the Valley are looking for innovative ways to attract and retain star coders in a technology-driven market. One of these is a successful new practice called extreme recruiting. A study from Burning Glass found programming jobs are growing 12 percent faster than …

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How HR Can Recruit for IT Departments of the Future

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I’ve written a lot about Millennials and the massive impact they are having on the future of work. The largest generation in today’s workforce, they are the generation perfectly matched to ride the wave of digital technology and mobility that came of age more or less at the same time they did, and they’ve helped turn traditional business practices on …

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How Mobile Technology Impacts the HR Industry

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We use mobile devices for nearly everything, from shopping and researching to scheduling our daily lives. In fact, more than 85 percent of U.S. Millennials own a smartphone and use it frequently throughout the day. Businesses are already optimizing their use of mobile technology to reach their customers, and to make their employees work lives more efficient, but there’s one …

Gadgets Over Toys: Gen Z to Become the Next Data Mecca for Marketers?

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When we talk about young professionals shaking things up in the workplace, we often talk about millennials. When we talk about consumers shaping tech trends with their purchases, we often talk about millennials. This is for good reason—after all, their growth as a generation has meant a lot for big data. There’s a new group of up-and-comers, though, that may …

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The Data is in, Marketers have Millennials all Wrong #SMACtalk

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In the most recent episode of SMACtalk Live, Daniel and Brian dig into the myths that surround the millennial generation. We have all heard some of these myths; such as Millennials wanting to do everything online or that the generation as a whole are “Job Hoppers” that have no loyalty to their organization.  In case you didn’t already know, by …