The Data is in, Marketers have Millennials all Wrong #SMACtalk

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In the most recent episode of SMACtalk Live, Daniel and Brian dig into the myths that surround the millennial generation. We have all heard some of these myths; such as Millennials wanting to do everything online or that the generation as a whole are “Job Hoppers” that have no loyalty to their organization. 

In case you didn’t already know, by 2020, Millennials will comprise 50% of the workforce and by 2030 that number will skyrocket to a staggering 75%. With this in mind, companies are more interested than ever in better understanding what drives millennials to perform in the workplace. 

Based on this, IBM deployed a global study encompassing more than 1700 Millennial workers from around the world to try and find out if the aforementioned myths amongst others are in fact true. After all, many times myths and stereotypes have some merit, but in the case of this most recent study, it turns out that much of what the people “Thought” was the case for Millennials just wasn’t so. 

Interested in hearing what the myths uncovered were? Here they are…in our own words.

  1. Are Millennials more digital savvy than their more experienced counterparts? 
  2. Do Millennials require constant acclaim and “Back Patting” from their bosses?
  3. Can Millennials survive a few hours away form their technology to go out and talk to people?
  4. Are Millennials able to make independent decisions or do they require constant feedback from their “Networks?”
  5. Will Millennials jump ship faster than their counterparts if a job isn’t fulfilling their passion? 

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 8.48.04 AMInterested in the results? If you click here ( ) you can download the entire study. 

What we will say is that the findings very well may (or may not) surprise you. And the conversation was a fun one as Brian and myself, two Millennials weigh in on each of these myths from our own point of view. 

Perhaps before listening, take a minute and think about your perceptions on each of these myths. and of course, we genuinely appreciate all of you that take the time to listen to the show!


  1. I listened to this guys and I have to say that there are generalizations all over the place. Marketers should do what they’ve always done — segment people based on propensities, demographics, psychographics. While you’ve debunked some of these myths, you’ve perpetuated new “generalizations”by simply  saying “we”.

  2. There is a lot that has yet to be debunked. I sometimes think so much attention is being applied to this “Millennial” label that the true difference, because as is the case in every generation, and all people, there will always be differences, are being overlooked. So… we see the definitions Millennials have been given… what about how marketers can actually do something with them or without them? I believe a lot has to be yet singled out, and… myth or not myth I am trying to find the value.

  3. LeCarteBlanche Great question for a future episode…. “How Marketers Can Utilize Millennial Data and better understanding what and who millennials are!”

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