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Trust: How to Use Technology to Generate Trust

In Technology by Sean FlahertyLeave a Comment

Trust is the currency of business. When we trust an organization, we do business with them whenever and wherever it makes sense without questioning it. If we don’t trust an organization, we look for alternatives and we spend a fortune over-evaluating their pricing and value model. Trust is extremely valuable. Thus, it is imperative for us to reduce the amount …

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Top Five Digital Transformation Trends in Retail

In Digital Transformation by Daniel NewmanLeave a Comment

This week, I launched a new series focused on the biggest digital trends impacting various industries. First up was healthcare, where technology is gifting patients with greater access to quality care through telemedicine—and arming caregivers with even more life-saving tools like wearables, predictive data, and the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT). Now we move to retail, where a similar wave …

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Just How Techy Is Your Marketing Department?

In Marketing by Eric Vidal1 Comment

Technology isn’t just for your IT department. Marketing technology, or MarTech, is a hot topic, especially as organizations ready their 2017 budgets. Why should your business pay attention to the marketing automation trends for the coming year? Companies have access to an increasing amount of data about consumers, and applying that data via advanced applications like target account list building, …

Live at #SocialShakeUp15 Tech and Tools Dominate Future of Marketing – #SMACTALK Episode 30

In SMACtalk by Daniel Newman1 Comment

In this week’s episode of SMACTalk (Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud), Brian Fanzo and I discuss the growing importance that tools and technology are playing in the world of marketing. With Brian heading off to Social Shake Up, the annual Social Media Today event in Atlanta, we started pondering the biggest challenges that enterprises and business are having with marketing …

Marketing and Technology Clashing In The C-Suite

In Marketing by Daniel Newman1 Comment

For the past 20+ years, there may have been no two positions in an organization more disconnected than marketing and technology. Even as companies began to take on marketing automation and tools for email marketing, social media and other marketing activities, it wasn’t at all uncommon for marketing to manage their tools while IT put their focus on other things. For …