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Part Three of Series: More on RFFE and the Role it Plays in Qualcomm’s 5G Roadmap

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In Part Three of his series on RFFE (RF Front End), Senior Analyst Olivier Blanchard dives into how chipmaker giant Qualcomm is leveraging its global leadership in wireless innovation and recent investments in RF to significantly grow its modem-to-antenna solutions footprint not only in mobile handsets, but also expand that slice of its business into high growth adjacent segments like Automotive, the IoT, and the IIoT. Tying the series to Qualcomm’s 2021 Investor Day provides critical insights into RFFE’s growing importance to Qualcomm’s technology portfolio and business momentum.

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ICYMI: 3GPP’s 5G NR Release 16’s 9 Most Critical Improvements to 5G

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What we see with Release 16, in addition to improvements to previous fundamental standards, is a shift towards the next market for 5G technologies: industrial networks and applications. That is why, MIMO and IAB improvements aside, private networks, unlicensed spectrum, multi-TRP architecture, high-precision device positioning, efficient new power-saving protocols, and even multicasting between vehicles, constitute the lion’s share of projects in this release.