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HPE Discover 2022: HPE Amperes Up New ProLiant RL300 Gen11 Servers

In Collaboration, Technology News by Ron WestfallLeave a Comment

Futurum’s Ron Westfall examines why HPE’s new ProLiant RL300 Gen11 server offering aligns with the cloud-native applications development priorities of service providers and digital-first enterprises as well as how using Ampere’s Altra and Altra Max processors can boost performance for cloud workloads such as web servers, caching, databases, media transcoding, and AI and advance power efficiency metrics that help fulfill organization-wide sustainability goals.

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HPE’s Project Aurora Launches, a New Zero-Trust Offering to Help Address Security Concerns

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Futurum Senior Analyst Steven Dickens provides his take on news coming out of HPE’s Discover event around the latest zero-trust solution, Project Aurora. As the cybersecurity landscape evolves, new approaches are required to combat the emerging threats. HPE’s zero-trust approach is designed to deliver robust attestation and verification derived through a root-of-trust model at the silicon layer.

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HPE Announces New Vertically Optimized GreenLake Cloud Services at HPE Discover

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HPE announces new vertically optimized GreenLake cloud services at HPE Discover. Futurum analyst Steven Dickens breaks down the three highlighted areas from the HPE announcement, along with thoughts on the growing importance of hybrid solutions in highly regulated verticals such as healthcare and banking, as well as the emergence and co-located solutions as prevalent approaches in the industry.

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HPE Discover 2019: HPE Goes All In With “Everything As A Service”

In Cloud by Daniel NewmanLeave a Comment

The highlight of HPE Discover 2019 is Antonio Neri’s promise that “HPE is going all in with everything-as-a-service.” Overall, I think the move is a bold one and that Antonio is making a strong play. and a commitment I believe that Antonio is making a strong play. With announcements in Storage, Intelligent Edge, and Hybrid Cloud (not all encompassing) all promising to “Greenlake” (short for as-a-service) their solutions, we can be certain that the company is committed to making the leap forward to being service led; and I am confident that this move will pay off, eventually.