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Amazon Sustainability Report 2021: 7 Highlights That Show Amazon’s Commitment to Customers, People, and the Planet

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Futurum principal analyst Shelly Kramer dives into Amazon’s 2021 Sustainability Report, discussing seven important highlights from the report and how Amazon is tackling the challenge of sustainability through company-wide efforts that are paying off — both for the company and for its customers. What does this mean as the company and its customers look ahead to the coming year?

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Ripple Announces $100 Million Commitment to Global Carbon Markets

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Futurum Analyst in Residence Jared Klee analyzes Ripple’s $100 million commitment to global carbon and considers Ripple’s multiyear commitment to carbon neutrality, the many partnerships the company’s is striking as it attempts to lift the entire ecosystem, and how the approach contrasts with the rhetoric-heavy action-light announcements around proof of work blockchains.

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Google’s iFixit Partnership Strengthens the Company’s Sustainability Initiatives and Addresses Customer Needs in the Process

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Futurum analyst Michael Diamond explores Google’s new partnership with iFixit and discusses how it ticks boxes on sustainability and working towards a more circular economy, affords the company with some potential to gain marketshare in the smartphone arena, and also helps better serve the needs of customers.

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Honeywell Deepens Sustainability Goals, Commits to Science-Based Target to Reduce its Emissions In Line with Climate Science and Supports the Paris Climate Agreement

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Futurum analysts Todd R. Weiss and Shelly Kramer explore Honeywell’s latest moves to further its commitment to fight climate change by adopting broader sustainability and ESG goals, including getting help to continue to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at its facilities around the world.