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Amazon’s AWS MetroPlus Chatbot Delivered a Significant Assist to NYC Non-Profit Insurer

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Amazon’s AWS MetroPlus chatbot program, developed free of charge by Amazon with project management help from Bain & Co., delivered a significant assist to a NYC-based non-profit insurer that continues to pay dividends now and into the future. Here’s the backstory there, and a look at how simple solutions like the one developed here often can have far-reaching benefits.

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Top 4 Digital Transformation Trends in Retail for 2019

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Perhaps no other industry is as impacted by customer demand as retail. Today’s customers want immediate, easy, 24/7 shopping experiences—and they want it yesterday. Last year, we made some projections about what we’d see in retail in 2018. Some of those panned out big time (mobile shopping, e-Commerce, data collection) while others lagged behind (VR headsets still haven’t quite caught …

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17 Tech Trends to Watch for in 2017 

In Digital Transformation by Daniel Newman7 Comments

Of all the “What to watch” lists gumming up your social media feeds, “Which tech trends are on the horizon” should be the one you pause long enough to read. It’s important to recognize what technology is increasingly in popularity so you can allocate the time and funds to make these trends pay off for your business. Here are my …