Oracle Launches Oracle Fusion Sales to Automate Tasks and Empower Salespeople

Oracle Launches Oracle Fusion Sales to Automate Tasks and Empower Salespeople

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Oracle Launches Oracle Fusion Sales to Automate Tasks and Empower Salespeople

The News: Oracle announced the launch of its next-gen of Oracle Fusion Sales, an AI-powered app that auto-identifies what it considers to be the best sales opportunities and helps sellers close deals by auto-generating things like quotes and proposals. As part of the Oracle Fusion Cloud Customer Experience, the new app will help sellers increase productivity and close more deals. Read the full Press Release from Oracle.

Oracle Launches Oracle Fusion Sales to Automate Tasks and Empower Salespeople

Analyst Take: The release of the new slew of updates for Oracle Fusion Sales is an important progression for Oracle, and it provides Oracle’s unique approach to other advancements happening in the customer engagement and customer data platform spaces. While CRMs are essential tools for salespeople, far too much time is spent on manual processes, when that time could be spent on higher-value tasks. Adding AI to the mix will allow sales teams to offload the time-consuming activities like prospecting and quote creation and focus more on relationship building and closing deals.

Oracle Sales Fusion will be equipped with the following:

  • Guided step-by-step processes to improve productivity. Sellers can get help with account engagement, opportunities, and ultimately close deals faster.
  • Automated conversation opportunities to turn leads into opportunities, faster. The system will automatically create highly qualified leads and pass them along to sellers.
  • Automated quotes and proposals to help sellers move the process along when opportunities are created.
  • Marketing-approved content recommendations that are most likely to move the sale through the process.
  • Revenue intelligence reports for sales leaders to easily access and see trends, outliers, and monitor performance.

Oracle Fusion Sales Comes When Sales Needs It Most

As I see it, the CRM market is ripe for additional AI-driven support. Time is money, and while that is cliché, it’s incredibly true in today’s economic climate. Oracle Fusion Sales is coming at a time when salespeople need it most. It’s a promising solution to some of the most common problems faces by sales teams. I’m encouraged to see Oracle empowering teams with the tools to close more deals and drive more revenue and of course improve the experiences of sales professionals leveraging automation and AI.

The announcement continues to solidify Oracle’s stronghold in the enterprise marketplace. Coming on the heels of a positive Q4 and FY22 earnings report, I believe Oracle Fusion Sales will help the company continue with its upward growth trajectory and continue to drive success in the cloud application space.

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