Oracle Announces New Platform Fusion Marketing

Oracle Announces New Platform Fusion Marketing

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Oracle Announces New Platform Fusion Marketing

The News: Today Oracle announced new platform Oracle Fusion Marketing, the first solution to fully automate lead generation and qualification. Part of Oracle Advertising and CX, Fusion Marketing will allow marketers to execute campaigns that generate high-quality leads and accelerate deal cycles. By using AI, Fusion Marketing can predict when a customer is ready to talk to a salesperson and generates a qualified sales opportunity in any CRM system. Read the full press release here.

Oracle Announces New Platform Fusion Marketing

Analyst Take: Today’s Fusion Marketing announcement showcases Oracle’s commitment to consistently improving its marketing and sales offerings that strengthen its B2B portfolio. This new platform looks to provide value to customers by eliminating mundane manual tasks so marketers and sales teams can focus on what they do best — building and nurturing relationships and closing deals.

Oracle Fusion Marketing Features

Fusion Marketing, part of Oracle Fusion Cloud Application Suite, is campaign orchestration system that makes the process of outbound lead generation easier so marketers can develop and execute campaigns faster. With end-to-end process automation, lead generation and qualification become a breeze. Marketers can anticipate improved campaign performance, increase productivity, and more highly qualified sales opportunities. Other benefits include:

  • Automation guides throughout the entire campaign creation and execution process helping marketing, advertising, and sales teams reach their goals.
  • Eliminates silos between marketing and advertising to expand the reach of campaigns.
  • AI intelligence that recommends reference stories for each customer based on data.
  • Combines individual contact information within the same account to help sales teams have a more accurate representation of each opportunity.
  • Real-time integrations into CRM platforms.

Making CRMs More Effective

CRM platforms, while in theory are helpful, often have siloed data that prevent sales and marketing teams from collaborating on lead generation and qualification. In turn, revenue generation opportunities are limited. And as the B2B buying process continues to evolve, the disconnect continues to grow creating a bigger and more complex challenge. Oracle Fusion Marketing’s announcement appear to address key challenges while offering an automation solution engineered to deal with these challenges and improve the B2B buying process. By connecting systems and eliminating existing siloes, sales teams can access real-time information and deliver top-notch customer experiences that will likely result in a deal.

Overall Impressions of Oracle’s Latest Announcement

Oracle continues its regular cadence of innovative announcements within its Advertising and CX portfolio. This latest announcement can be viewed as an indicator of Oracle’s commitment to continue their upward growth trajectory. While there is abundant and well respected competition in the advertising and sales space, the enhancements within this offering further solidifies Oracle position, making it worthy of further evaluation for CMO’s and performance marketers seeking to add/diversify/replace parts of their current marketing stack. From cloud infrastructure to applications, I expect to see more growth and announcements, leading the company to greater revenue success.

Disclosure: Futurum Research is a research and advisory firm that engages or has engaged in research, analysis, and advisory services with many technology companies, including those mentioned in this article. The author does not hold any equity positions with any company mentioned in this article.

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