IBM and AT&T Roll Out 5G Partnership Built on OpenShift

IBM and AT&T Roll Out 5G Partnership Built on OpenShift

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IBM and AT&T Roll Out 5G Partnership Built on OpenShift

The News (Source: IBM): IBM (NYSE: IBM) and AT&T* will work together to help enterprises manage their applications hosted in hybrid cloud environments with IBM Cloud Satellite leveraging Red Hat OpenShift, over AT&T networks.

By making it easier for businesses to connect open hybrid cloud computing using AT&T Multi-access Edge Computing, a low-latency, private cellular network edge environment, IBM and AT&T will be able to help businesses across all industries more rapidly develop and deploy innovative new services wherever they need to run using regional or on-premises edge computing with additional privacy and security.

Built on Red Hat OpenShift, IBM Cloud Satellite gives clients the flexibility to bring their applications to any environment where their data resides using the enhanced security of IBM’s open hybrid cloud architecture. Read the full news release on IBM.

Analyst Take: As we continue to scale up modernized IT architectures, connectivity, and applications at the edge will continue to gain momentum. What is really going on is the connectivity of multiple clouds connecting with billions of devices at the edge, and all of this needs to happen reliably and securely. 

This is the catalyst for the new partnership between IBM and AT&T. Leveraging IBM Cloud Satellite and AT&T’s growing 5G network, it will simplify access to cloud applications while benefitting from accessibility, privacy, low latency, and control–representing a well-founded marriage of the two companies technologies. 

A Deeper Look at Why This Partnership Works 

There is much discussion these days about the impact that edge computing and 5G are going to have on industries. From smarter cities to connected vehicles to new retail experiences to smart manufacturing plants and more. 

With hybrid cloud being the likely long-term winner of modern IT architecture, built on containers and open source tools, the need for high-speed connectivity and integrated hybrid tools that offer greater efficiency and consistent control will continue to be en vogue. I’m bullish on the partnership’s benefits, from faster speeds and lower latency to greater security and privacy. 

Furthermore, I see this partnership having a significant opportunity for success in vertical markets such as retail and manufacturing and all of the regulated industries, especially financial services and healthcare. IBM brings much strength in regulated with its legacy Z series mainframe technology along with its Hyper protect services that were developed to take legacy mainframe technology to the cloud in an ultra-secure manner. 

Overall Impressions on IBM’s Partnership with AT&T

In the wake of Covid-19, we have seen a massive acceleration on the already fast-moving shift to digital services. With more remote work, e-commerce, and streaming entertainment, we are in an important moment of building the right infrastructure and tools to deliver quality experiences and secure, accessible applications to consumers and the workforce. The combination of 5G and hybrid architecture is a clear enabler of all of these needs addressing latency, speed, and connectivity demands that will only see greater demand as digital transformation continues to proliferate rapidly in just about every part of our lives. 

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