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Crypto Starts to Look Like the Early Days of the Internet

In Tech by Steven DickensLeave a Comment

Futurum Senior Analyst Steven Dickens provides his take on the emerging trend around VC investment in blockchain and cryptocurrency infrastructure. Not only are these investments significant in size, they are directionally significant as the provide insight into where the blockchain and cryptocurrency space are in the evolutionary maturity.

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Five Things Startups Can Learn from Digital Transformation

In Digital Transformation by Daniel NewmanLeave a Comment

Digital transformation has many market leaders scrambling to adopt new tactics and reshape their company cultures to mirror the leanness, flexibility, and agility of successful startups that are rocking the commercial boat. Recently, several industries have experienced major disruptions due to startup companies making waves and striking out against the status quo. Digital transformation hinges on a few key concepts, …

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Choosing the Right Cloud Platform for Your Startup

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Cloud platforms aren’t an option for businesses, they are a must. I’d be hard-pressed without one for personal use. But for those who are new to cloud technology, finding the best solution for your startup in the crowded cloud market can be challenging. The good news is, options abound. Assess Your Cloud Needs The first step is determining if your business …