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Make Shadow IT a Part of Your Digital Transformation Strategy

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Shadow IT defines any technical concerns that fall outside the realm of your organization’s standard technologies, such as software and devices. It is often implemented without company approval or subsequent control—but that doesn’t mean you should look the other way. Despite the concerns we’ve seen countless times over the past few years, shadow IT is becoming a bigger part of …

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How Shadow IT Can Threaten Compliance

In Security by Carolina Curby-LucierLeave a Comment

In an effort to be more productive and connected, employees are taking it upon themselves to seek technology solutions that fit their workplace needs, and as a result, are inadvertently creating serious challenges for their IT teams. The number of employees bringing personal mobile devices into the workplace and using them as business devices has exploded; the number of people …

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Security Heightens as Hackers Target Mobile

In Mobility, Security by Daniel NewmanLeave a Comment

Many enterprises have taken to creating their own proprietary apps and software, and mobile devices are now a mainstay in modern business. Shadow IT isn’t the only concern accompanying the growth of mobile in the business world, however. As mobile technology becomes more popular and pervasive, hackers are turning their attention toward mobile devices. Understand Shadow IT in Modern Business …

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Converting Shadow IT into Change Adoption

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Fast-paced technological advances have inadvertently opened the door to increased risks from shadow IT. Cloud-based solutions have given non-IT professionals the opportunity to create and implement applications that expedite workflow. Without being able to control or secure these on-the-fly solutions, chief information officers (CIOs) may see the movement as a security threat. However, efforts to squash the rise of shadow …

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The Solution for Low-Risk App Development

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In a world full of apps, one must be at the forefront of user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design to remain competitive. Without quality UI, your audience will get lost, confused, and frustrated—all of which leads to an incredibly negatively UX. Unfortunately, good designers can be expensive, and executives with the right capabilities are hard to find. The …

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2016: The State of Shadow IT

In CIO/IT by Daniel NewmanLeave a Comment

This post is sponsored by Samsung Business. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Shadow IT, which refers to tech-related activities that happen outside the scope of traditional IT, is nothing new. And if you don’t think it’s happening in your organization, you’re wrong. An article in revealed that when 200 global CIOs were surveyed recently, 83 percent of them …

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ITaaS: The Future of the CIO

In CIO/IT by Shelly KramerLeave a Comment

Do you know how your company really looks at IT? Is there a rift between the C-suite and the IT team concerning the value of the cloud on a big-picture, business-minded scale? What about your employees—are they jumping on the shadow IT bandwagon and using unapproved cloud applications to do their work because the overall IT structure seems convoluted or unproductive? …

Lurking in the Shadows: A Case for Embracing Shadow IT

In Technology by Daniel NewmanLeave a Comment

IT departments increasingly face challenges because of the rapid pace of technological advancement. As companies realize the need to maintain pace with mobile devices and cost-effective cloud solutions, they have also started to realize the need for better IT control. Controlling every access point and non-sanctioned application presents difficulties for the average modern firm. When all connectivity was hardware and …

Mobile workforce – less talking, more doing

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Mobility and the remote workforce are current hot topics buzzing around the modern day water cooler. There’s a ton of talk about the hows and whys of adopting these new approaches to conducting business. However, there is a considerable gap between what is being discussed in meetings, conferences, and webinars, and what is actually being done. Enterprise Mobility Leaves a …