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Can Machine Learning Make HR Better?

In Technology by Meghan M. BiroLeave a Comment

Are you familiar with deep learning? Deep learning describes the ability for artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to learn from our behavior using brain-like structures called neural networks, and it’s changing the field of human resources in significant ways. AI programs can predict outcomes based on past experiences fed into the program. Because AI can recognize patterns and analyze data at …

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Predictive Analytics and the Future of Cybersecurity

In Security by Daniel Newman1 Comment

Today, cyberspace operates like a warzone. Attacks are intelligent and measured, the enemy is at your backdoor, and your best guys, your IT team, are on the front lines. If you planned on being Switzerland – neutral and unassuming – it’s time to face reality. Cyberattacks happen to the best of us, with no warning and no way to retaliate …

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Big Data Segmentation and the Power of Small Data Analysis

In Big Data by Daniel NewmanLeave a Comment

While the Internet of Things (IoT) has caused many businesses to shift their focus toward big data, many forward-thinking individuals are considering the importance of small data. Big data analysis has obvious benefits, but early adopters of data segmentation and small data collection will reap long-term benefits. Do Not Forget About Small Data Digital transformation has, in part, been about …