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Microsoft’s 3 New Versions of Office Aim to Meet Customers Where They Are

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Microsoft finally optimizing its unified Office mobile app for Apple’s iPad devices isn’t just great news for iPad users – it’s also a clear signal from Microsoft that it intends to be more proactive about servicing segments of its ecosystem that may have, until now, been under-prioritized. Microsoft has also designed for specific segments of the Office User ecosystem, which is impressive. This ability to understand the user preferences and nuances involved in these unique segments of its ecosystem makes it clear that Microsoft has spent time and resources learning what these users’ needs are and that it has developed solutions so as to best to meet them.

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Office 365: No Brainer for IT and IT Decision Makers

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Remember the old saying, “Nobody ever gets fired for buying a brand name product?” With so many options out there, one thing is still certain – Microsoft Office continues to be one of the best office and collaboration products on the market. Many of us are nevertheless installing this office tool the hard way: Manually on every machine. Why? Well, …