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Cambridge Quantum Releases World’s First Quantum Natural Language Processing Toolkit and Library

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Futurum Research’s principal analyst Daniel Newman covers Cambridge Quantum’s release of the first Quantum Natural Language Processing toolkit and library. The toolkit, called lambeq, is the world’s first software toolkit for QNLP that can convert sentences into a quantum circuit, which will open the doors for QNLP developers for unlimited possibilities.

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Honeywell and Cambridge Team Up to Form New Vanguard Quantum Company

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Honeywell Quantum Solutions and Cambridge Quantum Computing combine to form a new quantum computing company that offers the planet’s highest-performing quantum computer and agile quantum software, including the trailblazing quantum operating system. Futurum’s Daniel Newman examines how Honeywell and Cambridge’s formation of the new quantum compute company establishes a one-stop shop essential to powering quantum innovation and driving the investment required to assure quantum computing’s lasting commercial success.