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HP Unveils Updated ZBook Mobile Workstations Which Deliver More Power, Cool Features

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The News: Hewlett-Packard has unveiled two new models of its ZBook mobile workstations – the HP ZBook Studio G9 and the HP ZBook Fury G9 – targeted at creative and technical professionals who demand even more robust processing power while working in hybrid or remote environments. Read the full Press Release from HP. HP Unveils Updated ZBook Mobile Workstations Which …

4 Questions To Ask Before Implementing a Big Data Strategy

In Big Data by Daniel Newman1 Comment

Data streams are constantly flowing from the technology we use in our daily life. Phones, televisions, computers, credit cards and even sensor-equipped buildings are all contributing to the data stream. And all this data is not only growing in volume, but it’s growing at a monstrous speed, doubling in size every two years. It is predicted that the data we …

Can Big Data Steer Us Wrong?

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We talk incessantly about the importance of big data to drive better business decisions and outcomes. Marketers, managers, business owners, thought leaders – just about everyone is spending inordinate amounts of time debating big data. Why? It’s because companies engaging in data projects are doing better than those that are not. The proof is out there for everyone to see. …

Has The Term Big Data Lost All Meaning?

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Over the past year or so the conversations surrounding Big Data have been on a continuous loop. With endless streams of data being created on a daily basis, we hear the word ‘data’ being uttered everywhere – conferences, meetings, blogs, peer discussions, corporate parties, you name it. I’ve literally lost the count of the number of times I’ve tried making …

Why Brands Are So Thirsty For Your Data

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As technology grows by leaps and bounds, we have to ask ourselves, “Are we headed into a future where security and privacy will be lost forever?” Why? Well, very recently, analysts put out a warning to consumers to be careful what they talk about in front of the new Samsung Smart TV. Apparently, this device can “listen” to your conversations …

Big data may be the ultimate customer experience tool

In Big Data by Daniel Newman1 Comment

For a long time we’ve been having conversations about big data. The digital space has witnessed tens of thousands of talks, some refuting the relevance of big data, calling it the next big hype, while others venerate it as the demigod of the digital world. But last year‘s “Big Data Executive Study” made it official: Big data is mainstream and demands …

As Leaders Push for More Data-Driven Culture, CMOs Better Keep Up

In CMO/Marketing by Daniel Newman2 Comments

Data or intuition? That seems to be the question for many of our business leaders today who say they want more analysis of data, while still putting great trust in their intuition when making decisions. With Big Data finding its way into just about every marketing conversation, Chief Marketing Officers are forced to react to the trend for more analysis. However, …

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Should Internet of Things Mean Anything To Your Business? 

In IoT by Daniel Newman1 Comment

With the rapid growth of wearables, and with more devices entering the online space every day, the “Internet of Things” (IoT) is a hot topic consuming business and tech conventions like wildfire. Though wearable gadgets like Google Glass have largely been brushed aside as superfluous devices, according to Pew Research, nearly 83% of tech experts believe that the use of …

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C-Suite Revolution: Customer Officers and Data Officers Emerge As the Next Top Executives 

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Over the past few years, there has been a ton of talk about the emerging roles of the CIO and CMO. A Forrester report has revealed that CIOs are responsible for transforming businesses and spurring innovation, while CMOs are demonstrating excellent practice and added value in accelerating the marketing achievements of their organizations. Despite the transformative impact that CIOs and …

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Big Data and Omni-Channel Pave The Way For 1:1 Marketing

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The importance of personalized customer interaction is becoming far more pronounced among today’s B2B marketers: this is called 1:1 marketing. Smart marketers need to shift our gaze from big data and metrics to creating 1:1 relationships that leverage mining of better and more meaningful data.  This is where “little data” comes into the picture. While big data in all its …