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OCI Delivers New Security Capabilities that Fortify Cloud Apps and Data Against Emerging Threats

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Futurum’s Ron Westfall explores the introduction of five new OCI security capabilities and why they address burgeoning organizational demand for strengthened threat detection and prevention of their cloud applications and data across cloud environments, boosts its cloud ecosystem credentials through the Palo Alto Networks alliance, and improves overall competitiveness against its major cloud service provider rivals.

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Check Point and Alibaba Cloud Raise the Multi-Cloud and Cloud Security Stakes

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Check Point expands its Unified Cloud platform to support Alibaba Cloud elevating market awareness of its advanced security, visibility, and compliance capabilities of its cloud security portfolio, especially across multi-cloud environments. Futurum’s Ron Westfall examines why the Check Point’s integration of its CloudGuard solution with Alibaba Cloud strengthens its overall multi-cloud proposition and provides a marketing edge over rivals as well as how Alibaba Cloud benefits competitively from the Check Point relationship.

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Innovative Solutions: Why Turning to Everything as a Service Works

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The as-a-Service marketplace isn’t new—but it’s definitely gaining both scope and momentum. Grounded strongly in the growing cloud-scape, the push for Everything as a Service (XaaS) is finding epic traction as forward-thinking CIOs look to shake up stagnate business models and generate new revenue streams. In fact, most experts agree: Everything as a Service is here to stay. But which …

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Are You Using Virtualization Security Yet?

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If you’re not, you’re already behind. Studies show more than 75 percent of businesses have already been virtualized, and all of these businesses—regardless of size or sector—need a way to help secure their virtualized data resources. In other words, if you’ve already moved to the cloud, but you haven’t launched a coordinated virtualization security program, you have some work to …

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Security Monitoring: Safeguarding Your Cloud 

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Monitoring is a key component of cloud security. Firewalls, access controls, and encryption stand guard around the clock, but monitoring ensures every other security measure works properly. If cloud monitoring is not currently part of your cybersecurity strategy, consider incorporating monitoring activities this year. Why You Need Cloud Security Monitoring Measures Cloud technology appeals to businesses and IT departments because …

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Sharing: The #1 Reason Your Company Security Will Be Breached

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Many companies are headed to the cloud these days looking for new and better ways to collaborate, store, and share information. Is yours? Whether you’re going the public, private, or hybrid route, moving to the cloud is a very popular decision—in fact, you’ll find 93 percent of companies share your strategy. Of course you didn’t adopt cloud because you wanted …

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To Cloud or Not to Cloud: That is the Compliance Question

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Some companies have embraced cloud technology with open arms, while others approach it with extreme wariness—understandably so, since for industries that handle sensitive data, cloud security risks could spell disaster. However, fear of the cloud often comes from a lack of information rather than actual risk. Companies today have the opportunity to use public, private, and hybrid cloud options, yet …

Hybrid Cloud Means Hybrid Security Measures

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I recently walked you through a check-list, on what CIOs need to know about hybrid cloud—the IT sweet spot that marries in-house and cloud-based infrastructure—and what it could mean to their organizations. With all its versatility and promise, there is no doubt that hybrid clouds are the future for many at the enterprise level. But, with all that versatility and …