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AT&T Business CEO Anne Chow Keynotes the Economist Event Series —A Whole New (contactless) World: The Rise of Digital Identity

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Last week AT&T Business CEO Anne Chow keynoted The Economist Event Series — a Whole New (contactless) World: The Rise of Digital Identity. In her conversation with The Economist’s Vijay Vaitheeswaran, they discussed the convergence of the physical and digital worlds and the need for connectivity to support a distributed infrastructure. Their conversation also touched on the impact of a rapid pivot on corporate culture, what business leaders need to consider, as well as what some key industries are focusing on right now.

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Digital Transformation: The Law of the Farm

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Let’s be provocative! There is no such thing as “digital transformation” only organizations in transformation. The word digital in “digital transformation” is a symptom of something else much like having a fever indicates an infection. Many companies feel a burning platform syndrome and this is because there are core mechanisms burning inside the organization that are being pressured by the …