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Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Roll Out New Training and Certifications in a Move Designed to Enhance Channel Partner Offerings

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Futurum analyst Michael Diamond discusses recent announcements by Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud around the roll out of additional training and certification programs, exploring why these programs are not only good for channel partners looking to transform their business models, they’re smart move for the hyperscalers as well.

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Guavus-IQ’s Availability on AWS Cloud is a Definitive Smart Move by Guavus

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Guavus strengthen its overall Guavus-IQ portfolio with the Guavus-IQ on AWS launch. Guavus quickly counters the AWS and hyperscale partnerships that its key rivals have recently implemented and gains near-term differentiation with its specific portfolio emphasis on explainable AI (XAI) capabilities countering the broader AI marketing and portfolio claims of competitors. Guavus-IQ on AWS fulfills burgeoning CSP demands to lower their CapEx and OpEx, by enabling faster resolution of service and network issues through cloud-based anomaly detection, fault correlation, and root cause analysis, as they look to turnaround their shrinking profit-per-bit business models.

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Amazon Web Services Increases Availability of AWS IoT SiteWise for Industrial Customers

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Amazon recently announced that AWS IoT SiteWise will be available to all AWS customers in certain regions soon. SiteWise is a managed service that gathers and organizes data in a way that helps industrial customers make informed decisions when it comes to monitoring facility operations, making new applications, improving production, determining performance metrics, and more. We expect to be hearing much more about AWS IoT SiteWise in the months to come.

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AWS Releases AutoGluon, an Innovative Open-Source Tooling for Automated Machine Learning

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AWS released AutoGluon, an open source toolkit for automated machine learning, designed specifically for software developers, promising the ability to simplify deep learning for non-experts. If AWS were to release AutoGluon as a commercial solution within its flagship data science DevOps solution, it would be the first of the leading vendors to do so. Here’s what we think is essential moving forward if that’s where this is going.