SMACtalk 78: The Changing Role of the Enterprise CMO with Tom Libretto #Pegaworld

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Changing role of the CMO in the enterprise

In this week’s episode of SMACtalk, hosts Brian Fanzo and Daniel Newman had the opportunity to speak with Pegasystems CMO, Tom Libretto. Joining Pega just under a year ago, Tom is a seasoned marketing executive with a strong track record in driving results for the enterprise market. Tom has a strong background in driving fast moving marketing teams within the agile workplace to help tie together sales and marketing teams to meet the objectives of rapidly growing enterprises.

A topic near and dear to our heart, not only did we talk about the shifting CMO, but really the entire shift within the C-Suite to accommodate new roles like the Chief Digital Officer and the Chief Customer Officer as well as the challenge of a large number of CEOs that are still not prioritizing digital transformation.

During this episode, Tom provided insights on the following questions and a few bonus questions that you will have to tune into to learn more about:

Nowadays, there are many buzzwords to describe the shifting workplace, but this has happened because the rate of change has become so fast.

Explain: What is an “Agile Enterprise,” and why must companies become one?

CMOs, more and more are taking the reins of digital transformation inside the enterprise. Do you as CMO agree with this? What happens to the CMO/CIO partnership?

Yet, still nearly half of CEOs do not see Digital Transformation as a board level concern. How can this impact digital transformation inside of a company from hiring to customer experience?

Let’s talk B2B and Enterprise versus B2C. Is there still a line? As a CMO how different is the role of an enterprise CMO from the CMO of a consumer brand?

CMO Tenure has continued to shorten, what do you attribute that to and how do we reverse that trend?

Do you believe that the CDO role will continue to grow and how does that align with the CMO in the age of Digital Transformation?

Throughout this episode of SMACtalk, Tom takes on the challenging questions that many of us are wondering about the role of the CMO in today’s enterprise as well as how that may change into the near future as Digital Transformation continues to shape industries.

With just one week until #Pegaworld in Las Vegas, this is a great time to learn more about Pega and the future of the CMO. Still interested? Tune in, check it out and enjoy the episode!



Disclaimer: This episode was sponsored in part by Pegasystems. To learn more about Pega, visit them at www.Pega.Com


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