develop smarter workplaces

6 Reasons to Develop Smarter Workplaces

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develop smarter workplaces

Technology is everywhere we look and although it seems to have infiltrated every part of our world, it is still gaining speed. Companies—quickly learning that traditional is no longer required—have been behind schedule in their movement to develop smarter workplaces. Millennials are demanding change. Many believe that technology advancements such as augmented reality and virtual reality would increase their productivity.

The stats regarding millennials and the workplace speak for themselves:

  • A whopping 82 percent of millennials say that high tech offices will influence their decision about accepting a new job.
  • 44 percent of millennials believe their workplaces are not smart enough.
  • Stocked fridges and entertainment? Think again. 58 percent of global millennials prefer AR and VR technology over it all.
  • Millennials are often forced to use technology in the workplace that is far behind what they have at home.

Millennials are on to something, however. If we develop smarter workplaces it could improve processes and business across the globe. Here are six reasons to develop smarter workplaces, increasing productivity and collaboration for all.

Better Training

This new generation in the workforce wants to have a meaningful relationship between work and life. In fact, remote work is becoming increasingly popular. The flexibility they desire is changing other areas of business, including the way training is conducted. VR and AR can allow employees to train from anywhere, in any setting. Better yet, training can be conducted on a personalized time schedule, depending on the employee’s needs. This technology is also incredibly realistic, making it a great hands-on tool for training, without interrupting daily work.

Improved Collaboration

As stated, remote work is gaining speed. Although working remotely is an employee’s dream, businesses have struggled to understand how proper collaboration can happen in this environment. New technology such as AR and VR allows employees from any location to come together in the same environment, without leaving their home or office. It opens doors for collaboration all over the world, while still giving a sense of freedom and teamwork – together.

Developing New Ideas

Employees working as designers and engineers can use technology to see and test designs prior to spending the time and cash on creating test models. These same designers can give customers the opportunity to test products before they purchase them, garnering their feedback to improve the product itself. New ideas and the future of business go hand in hand and the future of product development speed is promising to develop smarter workplaces.

Improved Focus

Millennials enjoy personalized work experiences that help them feel comfortable in their environment. Contentment and happiness can have a huge effect on productivity and success. Technology such as VR headsets can allow employees to work in an environment that is personally theirs. If you want to work in Paris, you can work in Paris, while staying put in your cubicle. Virtual environments are perfect for establishing privacy and a sense of security.

Improved Organization

Organization is key for success, especially for large enterprises. Automation and artificial intelligence can create new systems for business that change the organizational structure for the better. Cloud-based storage allows employees to have the information they need wherever they are, and businesses interested in being paperless can scan documents for use, instead of filing them away. When employees have access to everything they need to do their job, productivity is increased and so is the pride of a job well done.

Faster, Easier Breaks When We Develop Smarter Workplaces

What would it be like to take a break, without ever leaving your office chair? VR and AR tools can give employees a chance to visit anywhere their heart desires while staying put. Employees who take advantage of breaks throughout the day are more productive, relaxed and focused. And without having to leave the premises, faster and easier breaks create more opportunities for more breaks throughout the day.

Yes, millennials are pushing us towards the workplace of the future. However, their reasoning does make perfect sense: by improving productivity, improving working relationships and improving contentment, purpose, and success are sure to follow. Here’s to smarter workplaces and a brighter business future.

This article was written by Marina Gregory and was originally published on New Era Technology.


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