Dell Technologies World 2019

Dell Technologies World 2019 Followup: Microsoft Partnership, Launch of Unified Workspace

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Dell Technologies World 2019

Dell Technologies World 2019: Followup Microsoft Partnership Launch of United Workspace

I recently attended the Dell Technologies World 2019 event in Vegas and wrote briefly about Dell unveiling Dell Technologies Cloud, a key offering focused on hybrid cloud solutions, showing the promise of DellEMC and VMware. There were other key announcements made during the Dell Technologies World 2019 event, including Dell’s partnership with Microsoft to accelerate digital transformation, and Dell Technologies’ introduction of Unified Workspace. Both are covered in greater depth below.

Dell Technologies World Cloud Announcement

As mentioned, there were a ton of announcements at Dell Technologies World 2019. Before I get to the Dell Microsoft partnership or Dell’s introduction of Unified Workspace, I wanted to touch briefly on the Dell Technologies Cloud announcement.

My fast take on that announcement included the following: “Dell Technologies is finally showing the promise of DellEMC and VMware through the launch of the Dell Technologies Cloud. With Multi-Cloud being one of the biggest digital transformation trends today and the foreseeable future, it is more critical than ever that OEMs like Dell have a solution that bring together public cloud usage with on-premises and private cloud.”

For more information on the Dell Technologies Cloud announcement and a deeper dive into my thoughts on that front, you’ll find coverage on the Futurum site here: Futurum Tech News of the Week, May 3, 2019. If you’re not yet a subscriber to our weekly tech news briefs, click the link above and enter your information in the right hand sidebar.

There were a couple of other key announcements at the event, one involving a partnership between Microsoft and Dell, aimed at helping customers accelerate digital transformation. Another was the launch of Dell Technologies Unified Workspace, focused the future-of-work reality, providing employees with the ability to work, collaborate, and innovate at any time, and anywhere, and any way they want.

More on these announcements below—

Dell Technologies and Microsoft Corp Partner to Accelerate Digital Transformations

“April 29, 2019—Dell Technologies and Microsoft Corp. on Monday announced they are expanding their partnership to address a wider range of customer needs and help accelerate digital transformations. Through this collaboration, the companies will deliver a fully native, supported, and certified VMware cloud infrastructure on Microsoft Azure. Additionally, joint Microsoft 365 and VMware Workspace ONE Customers will be able to manage Office 365 across devices via cloud-based integration with Microsoft Intune and Azure Active Directory. VMware will also extend the capabilities of Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop leveraging VMware Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure.” Read the full release on the Dell Microsoft partnership from the Dell Newsroom here.

Analyst Take: This move is simple, elegant and perhaps most importantly, necessary. Multi-Cloud is the hot topic, and as companies are trying to streamline the workloads between on-premises environments and the cloud, it has become cumbersome in many cases to accomplish this. VMware solutions on Azure are going to be eliminate any re-architecting that was historically required for Hybrid environments where developers sought to run workloads on-premises and on Azure. This partnership will be critical for shortening time-to-value cycles and realizing data-related benefits like machine learning and AI using native Azure capabilities. I’m bullish on this partnership as VMware and Azure have the pulse on the hybrid and multi-cloud, and together they will help both IT and Business units accelerate their respective transformation goals.

Dell Introduces Unified Workspace, Enabling IT to Transform End User Experience

“Dell Technologies introduced Unified Workspace to help IT transform the end-user experience. This visionary approach to end-user computing will give workers a frustration-free, ready-to-work experience, while enabling IT with automated, open, and intelligent solutions for unified Management. The Dell Technologies Unified Workspace will revolutionize the way IT admins assist and enable their end users with device selection, deployment, security, management, and support through flexible, scalable services and solutions that integrate with any customer environment, regardless of OS, device, and cloud environment.” Read the full announcement on the Dell Technologies Unified Workspace from the Dell newsroom.

Analyst take: As organizational dependence on IT grows, supporting the workforce is increasingly difficult for organizations. Being sure employees’ workstations are set up for best individual performance, while concurrently managing updates, providing adequate security, and making sure the equipment is not only right, but also the best, are all key to successful workforce transformation.

I believe that Dell’s Unified Workspace is an innovative approach to helping enterprises outfit IT from software to hardware and making sure that security is managed; all with minimal interaction from IT staff. Given the growth of remote work and the desire to empower employees to do more, anywhere, on any device, the Unified Workspace concept is a strong start. I will be closely watching case studies on this to see how effective execution is between Dell and the customers, but if execution is sound, this is a strong foundation to streamlining the relationship between IT and employees.

The original version of this article was first published on Futurum Research.

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