Converge Tech and Business Week in Review: February 25, 2017

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From emerging technology trends to watch for 2017, understanding the difference between the latest machine technologies, and a software bug that leaked sensitive information from millions of the company’s high profile clientele. Here’s an overview of the tech and business news that we think you might want to know about this week.

Emerging Technology Trends in 2017. Technology is an ever-changing business. Being able to spot trends may mean the the difference between your ability to build an enterprise that thrives and one that will either fail fast or barely survive.  Navigating digital transformation in business is a must and the change must be driven by both people and technology. These two elements—technology and humans—must work together to deliver customer experiences that are efficient, effective, and memorable. Emerging technologies are already affecting our economy, our politics,  improving medicine and healthcare, and a lot more. Some of these technologies are unfolding now and others that will take a longer to develop. Even so, it’s important to be aware of these now. My good friend Diana Adams shared a chart that showcases the trends we need to know. What do you think? Does this nail it or is there something not covered— 

Understanding the differences between AI, machine learning, and deep learning. As more companies transform their enterprises and embrace technology in order to more effectively compete, the business landscape is only getting more challenging. Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, and deep learning all play a role in digital transformation for business today, and the terms are often used interchangeably, which means that people don’t really understand what each of these things are—and make no mistake, they are different. This article shared by Gary Wilson is a great overview on the differences between these three technologies.

A massive bug may have leaked sser data from millions of sites. So … change your passwords. If you’ve seen the hashtag #CloudBleed on Twitter, you may not realize this refers to the latest serious bug in Cloudfare’s software, causing sensitive data like passwords, cookies, and authentication tokens to leak from some of the biggest websites that use its security service. Some of Cloudfare’s more notable clients include Fitbit, 1Password and Uber.  Hello! Are you listening yet? According to Cloudfare, Tavis Ormany from Google’s Project Zero contacted the company to report the security problem affecting its edge servers.  Head over to this article shared by Lily Hay Newman for more details about the bug and how you can protect yourself and your business website. It may also be a good idea to take this opportunity to update your passwords now and enable two-factor authentication to better protect yourself and your data. In fact, there is no better time than now to do this.

10 ways machine learning will transform everyday digital experiences. We are experiencing the direct effects of machine learning on a daily basis. When you’re on Facebook and you click on an article to read it, do you ever notice after awhile you start seeing similar stories in your News Feed? Or when you type a word into a search engine on your computer and inadvertently misspell it, the results that appear are still related to the word you meant to type. That’s a prime example of machine learning that we experience in our daily lives.

Machine learning works by inspecting large amounts of data, searching for patterns, and it does it all in a blink of an eye—or less. It then generates a code that allows you to recognize those patterns in new data. Fascinating, right? Machine learning is already transforming many industries. It’s used to detect anomalies, recommend products, and even predict customer behavior. We will also continue to see tremendous growth of smart apps, chatbots, and AI used in the mainstream. Olin Hyde shared an article that features different ways machine learning will continue to transform the everyday digital experience, including how machine learning will affect three key industries: retail, financial services, and manufacturing. Definitely worth your time to read.

IoT: Verizon acquires drone management company. One day, you maybe just be taking a casual stroll and look up in the sky to see drones flying around your area delivering packages. Of course, until the time we have FAA regulations in place, we aren’t likely to see drones zooming by any time soon. For business owners, there are still some interesting use cases for drones. From surveying and mapping to film productions, these are just a couple of ways drone technology can be useful. Maybe you need a quick aerial photo as part of your surveying business, drones can certainly help—and there is really no limit to what a drone can do. it’s just a matter of leveraging your creativity and your willingness to invest in the future of drone technology.

Verizon is one company already investing and growing its IoT arsenal in an effort to help the carrier expand the reach of IoT to more use cases and build on its existing device and fleet management portfolio. The telecom giant recently announced the acquisition of Skyward, a firm that helps companies wirelessly connect to manage commercial drone operations. If you’re interested in drones and how they’ll impact the future, head over to this article from



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