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Are We Big Data Ready? Beyond the Easy Answers of Clicks and Response Rates

In Big Data by Marina ErulkarLeave a Comment

For some of us, extracting intelligence from “big data” has been a practice for decades or more. We simply didn’t have a convenient buzzy term for it. What hasn’t changed over that time is the necessity to extract meaningful, actionable intelligence and apply it to grow a business. Factoring each business’s unique environment, opportunities, competition, resources, limits, etc. are all …

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Oracle’s Recent Acquisition of NetSuite is anything but Business as Usual. Here’s What You Missed.

In Business and Leadership by Shelly KramerLeave a Comment

Organizations strategically acquire other organizations every day—it’s but one move in the cyclical dynamic of enterprise growth. Every once in a while, though, one of those acquisitions warrants a big-picture discussion, not just a press release. Oracle’s late-July, $9.3 billion-dollar acquisition of NetSuite is one of those instances. Here are the cliff notes: Oracle is a large-scale enterprise database provider …

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User Experience is About to Have Its Day

In Technology by Daniel NewmanLeave a Comment

Digital transformation has taken root as a top priority within most modern companies. The customer experience stands out as a key brand differentiator in this technological shift, because customers can easily find a competitor if their digital experiences do not live up to their expectations. As user experience (UX) drives the sales cycle, IT and software professionals stand at the …

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Will Smart Cities Make Society Smarter?

In Digital Transformation by Daniel NewmanLeave a Comment

The year is 2036. You ride to work in your automatic car, chatting with a coworker from across the country via virtual reality (VR) glasses. Her VR image is crystal clear, like she is sitting in the backseat of the vehicle with you. You arrive at your destination and press a button, then your vehicle zooms off to your designated …

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Can DNA Be the Next Big Thing in Data Storage?

In Big Data by Daniel Newman2 Comments

The world’s data is growing too quickly for our current storage mechanisms. Humans generate hundreds of millions of bytes of data every day. We overload servers that take up a large amount of physical space, power, and energy. A recent breakthrough in DNA data storage may hold the answer—in a much smaller and more durable medium than giant data centers. …

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Leading New ICT Tech and How It’s About to Rock Your World

In Cloud by Diana Adams2 Comments

If you’re in the technology industry like I am, you know how challenging it can be to stay up-to-date in our fast-changing niche. Even the word technology has a different meaning today than it did a few years ago. It’s no longer just about our gadgets and computers. These days, technology touches almost every aspect of our lives. This is …

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Botnets on the March: IOT Disruption and What It Means for Healthcare

In IoT by Liz SchererLeave a Comment

I’ve been intrigued by the buzz around IOT, especially when it comes to the utility in the healthcare ecosystem. Just think of the possibilities: proactive monitoring of patients by clinicians, earlier hospital discharge, and of late, cognitive computing that not only promotes better clinical care but also optimizes research. And that’s just the clinical end of the spectrum; if you …