5 Exciting Technologies Launched by Samsung at CES 2016

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5-Exciting-Technologies-Launched-by-Samsung-at-CES-2016This post is sponsored by Samsung Business. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Every year, right after we resurface from the holidays, the worlds largest tech companies, media and gadget crazed techies converge on Sin City to show off the future of Technology.

This year’s CES in Las Vegas, is looking to be another big year for launching some of the most exciting advances in technology. With connected vehicles, drone technology, artificial intelligence and live video being amongst the early hits of the 2016 show, there is so much going on at CES that most spectators at the show and on the web struggle to know where to start.

For the past decade, Samsung Electronics has been one of the hottest companies in Tech. From the development of some of the most successful Android based devices to being one of the clear leaders in LCD and LED displays, the Korean giant has found its way into just about every conversation when it comes to technology leadership in design and user experience.

This year, Samsung has once again made a splash at the CES Show with several exciting announcements. Here is a brief rundown on what the global tech giant is up to at this years show along with some additional reads to learn more about their announcement.

  1. Future of Television:

    Samsung offered an amazing exhibit featuring the future of Television. This interactive experience included a 170” modular flat panel television that had the ability to change layouts to provide the best viewing experience for any content from any source. Learn More: CES 2016: Samsung’s crazy TVs of the future

  2. Gear VR 4D Experience:

    You had to be there to experience it, but if you weren’t, just by reading about it you can imagine the excitement that attendees had when taking the “Virtual” ride. Perhaps the bigger thing here is the very real trend that is Virtual Reality. It is no longer just a novelty, but it is becoming something that will be part of our everyday life from here forward. Learn More: Samsung Gear VR

  3. 4 MM Bezel Video Wall:

    Big video walls have historically required large video tiles. Even if they appear to be small, they were heavy, expensive to maintain and required large spaces to properly install. With the new 1.4 MM bezel video wall solution from Samsung, many of the logistical challenges of deploying beautiful video walls have been simplified. Learn More: Samsung Showcases World’s Thinnest-Bezel Video Wall, Latest Monitors and Signage Technologies at CES 2016

  4. Gear S2 Watch:

    One of the biggest problems I have seen with wearables is that they aren’t easy on the eyes. If you enjoy the look of a designer or luxury watch but seek the benefits of a smart watch, the new S2 watch may be exactly what you are looking for. Even if you are an iPhone user! Learn More: Your iPhone will work with Samsung’s Gear S2 watch — eventually 

  5. Smart Things Home Automation:

    The automated home is no longer a luxury item. With smart devices and the Internet of Things we can now integrate security, lighting, music and television into an easily controlled whole home solution run by smart things. Learn More: smartthings.com

In just a couple of days the trucks will leave Las Vegas in the rearview, but the lights of Vegas will still shine brightly as once again the worlds most exciting technology show has came, saw and inspired the world with gadgets, products and innovations that will completely change the way we live our lives.

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