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Google-Faces-Renewed-Net-Neutrality-Battle-in-Europe (1)

Google Faces Renewed Net Neutrality Battle in Europe

In this guest contribution from Steve Vonder Haar, Senior Analyst with Wainhouse, a Futurum Group Company, Vonder Haar explores Google’s net neutrality battle in Europe, and what we can expect from this renewed battle going forward.
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Poly-Announces-Poly-API-Marketplace-Utilizing-RapidAPI-Designed-to-Provide-an-Assist-to-its-Developer-Community (1)

Poly Announces Poly API Marketplace Utilizing RapidAPI Designed to Provide an Assist to its Developer Community

In this guest contribution from Craig Durr, Senior Analyst with Wainhouse, a Futurum Group Company, Durr explores Poly’s launch of its Poly API Marketplace, what it’s designed to do for both partners and developers, and the challenges ahead for Poly.
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Micron-to-Build-100-Billion-Chip-Factory-in-New-York (1)

Micron to Build $100 Billion Chip Factory in New York

Futurum's Daniel Newman dives into the recent announcement coming out of Micron, that they will invest $100 billion over the next 20 years building a state-of-the-art megafab near Syracuse, New York.
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The Amazon Devices and Services Event Did Not Disappoint: It’s Clear Amazon’s Focus is on Making Consumers’ Lives Better With its New Smart Home Devices

Futurum analyst Michael Diamond recaps the Amazon Devices and Services event and reviews some of the new and upgraded devices featuring ambient intelligence designed to make the lives of consumers, and businesses more efficient, safer, easier to use, healthier, and more secure. There are tons of great devices here to be excited about and, as usual, the Amazon Devices team did not disappoint.
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Red Hat Announces Latest Version of OpenStack — Red Hat OpenStack Platform 17 — at MWC Las Vegas

Futurum senior analyst Steven Dickens provides his take on the latest announcements coming out of MWCLV22, where Red Hat announced the latest version of OpenStack, OpenStack Platform17. With many enterprises focused on Kubernetes and containers, Red Hat continues to demonstrate engineering prowess and reap the benefits of downstream convergence of OpenShift and OpenStack.
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