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Building a High Performing Engineering Team: What’s the Secret Sauce

February 1, 2021

In this interview as part of our Converge Tech Talks Interview Series, host Shelly Kramer sat down with Josh Teitelman, VP of Customer Experience at Allstacks and John Steinmetz, CTO of Convo Communications, for a conversation about building a high performing engineering team, and what the secret sauce is that makes that goal a reality.

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How to Think About Security Awareness for Your Organization

May 9, 2019

Today’s guest for Converge TechTalk is Kyle Metcalf, CEO of Inspired eLearning, a security awareness and HR compliance training firm. Kyle spent 12 years at Rackspace before taking the helm as CEO at Inspired eLearning, and is focused on helping the company become a leader in the highly competitive and growing market of cybersecurity training. Why cybersecurity training? Internet security …

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2019 Cybersecurity Trend Review

January 30, 2019

Mison Riggins from Inspired eLearning joins me for Converge TechTalk today and we’re taking a look at the 2019 Cybersecurity trends and what we see as important now and in the coming months. We start off by addressing the Collection #1 Data Breach. With some 770+ million email records and 21 million passwords reported to be shared online, there’s every …

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SMACtalk Live: How Automation Will Forever Change Customer Experience

December 6, 2018

In this IBM-sponsored episode of SMACtalk, Daniel Newman interviews Gene Chao, Vice President and General Manager of IBM Automation. The two discuss how automation is changing the landscape of the customer journey, in positive and irreversible ways. During this episode, Chao discusses the way automation is moving from a static application to a dynamic one. Rather than automating single processes, …

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SMACtalk Live: AI and Analytics Must Kill Prehistoric Marketing with Steve Rudolph

November 12, 2018

In this episode of SMACtalk, Daniel Newman and Brian Fanzo welcome guest Steve Rudolph of Pegasystems. In his role at Pega, Steve leads the industry market group covering telco and all the industries it touches, from insurance to financial services. In his role, he focuses on how to create value in customer relationships by using data effectively. During the podcast, Daniel …

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SMACtalk Podcast: Diving into the Visual Cloud With Intel

September 12, 2018

In this Intel-sponsored episode of SMACTalk, Daniel Newman leads a show focused on the visual cloud. Joining Daniel is Lynn Comp, Vice President of Data Center Group and General Manager of the Visual Cloud Division Network Platform Group at Intel. During the show, they discuss what Intel is doing in the realm of the visual cloud and what we can …

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SMACtalk Podcast: The Future of Automating Work with IBM

September 5, 2018

In this IBM sponsored episode of SMACTalk, Daniel Newman goes solo on hosting duties and leads a show focused on the future of automating work. Joining Daniel for the discussion was Mike Gilfix, Vice President of Digital Business Automation at IBM, a software that digitizes business operations and provides them with intelligence around digital labor to upscale their business. The …

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Can You Teach a Sales Pro Some Marketing Tricks? #CMOTalk

June 29, 2017

Sales and Marketing. It’s no secret that these departments often have a rocky relationship—but if they can figure out a way to collaborate and play nicely together, the end result is a what they’re both working toward—an increase in growth and profitability. In this episode of #CMOTalk, host BMG’s Shelly Kramer and guest Joel Capperella tackle one of the most difficult dynamics …

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Knowledge Transfer: The Key to Business Sustainability and Digital Transformation Success #DigitalTransformation Talk 003

June 12, 2017

The transfer of information from generation to generation is vital to the success of any business. It’s never been more important than it is now, when we are seeing Baby Boomers begin to retire and Gen Xers and Millennials in key leadership roles, assuming the responsibility of continued business growth and success. Developing a “tribal culture” and devoting a concerted …

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How Collaboration Technology Benefits Human Resource Teams #DigitalTransformation Talk 002

June 8, 2017

Collaboration technology is a booming business, and with good reason—it benefits just about every part of an organization. But when it comes to human resource teams, collaboration technology and the efficiencies and productivity that can be a result of the adoption of a collaboration platform can be off the charts. Why? Collaboration is about people, connection, productivity, and culture. And …

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Digital Transformation and the Role Collaboration Technology Plays #DigitalTransformation Talk 001

June 5, 2017

Imagine working in a team setting which requires constant contact and conversation with your co-workers. Easy enough, right? Now imagine your co-workers don’t work in a cubical close to yours—in fact, they work across the country or even across the world. This digital transformation of business culture, and of the workplace, is becoming more commonplace, and the globalization of the …

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The Importance of Building a Social Business Landscape for Your Business #CMOTalk

June 1, 2017

For many companies, the concept of social business is often poorly understood, poorly executed and, in some cases, completely overlooked. What is social business and why is it important? That’s what Broadsuite Media Group’s Shelly Kramer, host of #CMOTalk, and her guest, Travis Wright, explore on this episode of the show. What is social business and why is it important? …

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C-Suite Analytics #Cloudtalk w/ Tim Crawford @TCrawford

July 23, 2015

Tim Crawford is an internationally renowned thought leader in the areas of IT transformation, innovation, Cloud Computing and Internet of Things (IoT). Tim has served as CIO and other senior IT roles with global organizations such as Konica Minolta/ All Covered, Stanford University, Knight-Ridder, Philips Electronics and National Semiconductor. Tim is a regular keynote speaker at industry conferences and is …

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Technology Best Practices for a Mobile Millennial Workforce! #CloudTalk

June 25, 2015

On #CloudTalk today we talk about the new report from Join.Me titled “PREPPING FOR THE MILLENNIAL WORKPLACE INVASION” A coming of age is coming to work! Millennials currently represent over 50% of the nation’s workforce, and in 25 years, that number will jump to a massive 75%. That’s not a misprint – it’s a full-on takeover, and we’re totally looking …

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#Cloudtalk: Which Came First, Mobile or The Cloud?

May 21, 2015

Make sure to RSVP here, via G+ Hangout, or watch the interview live on the YouTube Channel below. As always, you can join the conversation on Twitter during the live broadcast using the hashtag #CloudTalk. Come on by and share your knowledge, submit your own questions for our guest, or simply hang out and learn from our community. Watch the discussion live on Google+, YouTube, or …

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The Role Analysts and Influencers have in Driving Cloud Conversation! #CloudTalk guest: @PatrickMoorhead

April 8, 2015

#CloudTalk Thursday April 9th is excited to welcome Patrick Moorhead, the founder and principal analyst at Moorinsights and who is was ranked the #1 technology analyst in the U.S., Europe, and the U.K. by Apollo Research Patrick joins co-hosts Daniel Newman and Brian Fanzo to discuss “The Role Analysts and Influencers have in Driving The Cloud Conversation” Make sure to RSVP via G+ Hangout Here …

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Analytics, Mobile & Robotics Impact on Future of Digital Work w/ @LouisColumbus #CloudTalk

February 18, 2015

#CloudTalk Thursday February 19th is excited to welcome Louis Columbus, Vice President Worldwide Marketing at iBASE to discuss how Analytics, Mobile & Robotics are impacting the future of digital work. Louis, a regular contributor to Forbes, recently wrote two data backed posts discussing how manufacturing and factories are being transformed with Big Data, analytics, Mobile and Robotics. In the one post …

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Overcoming Challenges to Building Successful Cloud Partnerships w/ @FitzAz #CloudTalk Feb 5th

February 4, 2015

CloudTalk is excited to welcome VP of Cloud Solutions at Avnet Technology Solutions, Tim FitzGerald as our special guest on Feb 5th.  Tim joins us to discuss the topic: “Overcoming Challenges to Building Successful Cloud Partnerships” which is a subject very close to many in our community as we have talked about the different variables involved with a cloud deployment …

Leveraging Data & Automation to Scale Cyber Security Operations #CloudTalk

January 28, 2015

On this weeks #CloudTalk we have special guest Cody Cornell the Founder and CEO at Swimlane a platform designed to help organizations automate their security operations.  Cody is a Cyber Security thought leader who began his career in the U.S. Coast Guard then supporting numerous security roles supporting Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) where he was became a mentor, leader and friend of CloudTalk …


Marketers Give #Cloud a Bad Name w/ @equanstrom #CloudTalk

January 14, 2015

CloudTalk the weekly Twitter Hangout is excited to have Eric Quanstrom the CMO of PipelinerCRM as this weeks special guest. Eric brings a combination of marketing, digital media, technology, and strategic experience to Cloudtalk as we discuss marketings role in Cloud computings success as well as it’s challenges, despite massive growth patterns. With so much confusion around cloud computing and its value to …