Treasure Data Up-Levels Its CDP Platform With Treasure Insights

Treasure Data Up-Levels Its CDP Platform With Treasure Insights

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Treasure Data Up-Levels Its CDP Platform With Treasure Insights

The News: MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.—October 20, 2020—Treasure Data™ today introduced new product capabilities for its Customer Data Platform (CDP) that provide game-changing analytics to brands. Treasure Data also announced 15 new integrations, bringing the total number of connectors in its network to more than 170. Finally, with this release, Treasure Data launched an in-store SDK (software development kit) that provides retailers a complete, unified view of the shoppers’ journey. Catch the full news release in Treasure Data’s newsroom.

Analyst Take: It feels like the momentum for the customer data platform (CDP) space continues to gain momentum with each passing day. Last week, I covered the Twilio acquisition of Segment, where I mentioned the vast landscape of CDP’s and one of the company’s that I have been keeping a watchful eye on has been Treasure Data.

For those that are more familiar with the company, you are probably aware of the company dropping the historic Arm, that preceded “Treasure Data.” Around the announcement of NVIDIA’s plans to acquire Arm, Treasure Data was also dropping the Arm nomenclature to reflect its independent operations. It’s also worth noting that Softbank and Arm are still its primary backers.

Aside from a little history, let’s focus on the news being announced by Treasure Data. These enhancements to the platform are going to be material for its current and future customers making the offering more compelling. Let’s start with the highlights of the launch.

  • A brand-new, more expansive, suite of customer analytics designed to give marketers greater visibility into evolving customer behaviors enabling more measurable ROI and marketing effectiveness.
  • A new set of integrations to augment an already extensive connector network to simplify data ingestion and support any mar-tech stack.
  • A new, in-store (physical on-prem) SDK to enable enhancements in volume and quality of connected shopper data to marketers, store associates and customer service representatives.

Treasure Data Up-Levels its Analytics Capabilities 

With Treasure Insights, brands will have a greater set of analytics that will provide more extensive insights for marketers into customer behaviors leading to more measurable marketing activities. These expansions won’t only provide greater data and richer analytics, but also a reduction in time to insight and less complexity for implementation.

According to the company’s release, Treasure Insights delivers customizable and out-of-the-box dashboard accelerators to support all use cases:

  • Enhancements to unified customer views with added visibility into behavioral attributes, content affinity, campaign engagements, purchase behaviors and more
  • Audience segment demographics and behavioral attributes
  • ML-driven insights on lifetime value, next best actions and churn probability
  • Attribution dashboards leveraging the most commonly used models

I believe this foundation of technology and capabilities in addition to continued lowering of the technical requirements to use the tools makes this next generation of Treasure Data analytics more valuable to its potential users and will improve the company’s position in competitive selling situations as more and more CDP companies are driving to win enterprise business and meet their expanding needs.

New Integrations Speed Up Deployment Time as well as Time to Value 

With the launch of Treasure Insights, the company can now tout that it has added 15 new connectors that include Amazon DSP, LinkedIn, Gigya and more. The integrations will be designed to enable faster data ingestion, analytics and seamless campaign execution.

As I see it, the company is prioritizing the key outcomes that CDP and Analytics users are targeting. With more and more CDP’s coming in market, the ability to achieve faster time to value is quickly rising to the top priority. This new offering has put that front and center– Customer use cases and testimonials will be material here and the company has been able to include a few such examples in its press release across its user community.

 In-Store SDK: Location-Based Physical Profile

The last piece of the puzzle for the Treasure Insights launch was the announcement of an in-store SDK, which enables retail mobile apps to deliver a more complete set of connected shopper data to marketers, store associates and CSRs. This SDK also enables the connection of in-store and other customer engagements beyond the store through unified customer profiles. This is a massive need for successful customer journey mapping and to truly realize the value of a CDP.

I believe this will more and more be a focus of CDP and 360 Customer suites. Treasure Data is addressing an important need here that should provide customer ROI for any in-person shopping experiences.

Overall Impressions of Treasure Insights Launch 

The CDP landscape continues to expand and Treasure Data is deeply entrenched as a key stakeholder in this expansion along with a perennial leader in the space. I see this leadership continuing to gain momentum as the company moves forward with new launches and enhancements, including those made in its Treasure Insights launch.

I’m looking for the company to continue its focus on simplicity and integration to enable broad software sprawl and rapidly proliferating data volumes to be an opportunity rather than a hurdle for businesses looking to leverage the power of a CDP to meet the most difficult customer experience challenges.

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