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Microsoft Teams Evolves — Collaboration Tech Moving Digital Transformation Beyond the Desk

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The latest upgrades to Microsoft Teams’ collaboration platform is moving collaboration beyond the desk, and they are not alone on that front. Cisco is innovating in exciting ways, with myriad integrations and cognitive collaboration. Slack is fine-tuning and working to woo the enterprise customer. Dropbox is getting in the game—and those are just a handful of the many players in the $30 billion dollar market for workplace collaboration services.

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Collaboration in the Workplace: Best Practices for 2017

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Collaboration is essential in today’s global marketplace, for businesses of all sizes. Mastering the art of collaboration using technology not only provides fantastic opportunities for innovation and creative problem solving within an organization, it also serves up a competitive business advantage in terms of what highly productive teams are able to accomplish. If you’re one of the many companies exploring …

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Tackling Collaborative Overload in Your Organization

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Collaborative activities drive business outcomes because they open channels of communication and invite innovation. Today’s millennial workers, especially, are accustomed to working in close-knit teams, bouncing ideas off each other, and earning instant feedback from colleagues. While strong communication remains a cornerstone of the modern business model, too much of anything can become a problem. When collaborative overload taxes your …