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Nokia Eyes Enabling New 5G Mobile and IoT Service Revenue Streams with iSIM Launch

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Nokia introduces its iSIM Secure Connect solution with initial marketing emphasis on vendor-agnostic design and streamlining cellular subscription lifecycle management with automation. Futurum’s Ron Westfall examines why the Nokia iSIM Secure Connect solution is well-suited to play a key role in making IoT connectivity and networking safer, especially since infection of IoT devices has shot up since 2019, paving the way for 5G mobile and IoT service quality and revenue streams and strengthening Nokia’s competitive hand.

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Nokia Zeroes in on Boosting 5G Operations Efficiency

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Nokia’s Cognitive SON targets aiding service providers in their quest to efficiently manage 5G complexity through ML-powered low-touch automation and real-time resolution of operations problems. Now Nokia must show its well-differentiated SON solution will become a difference maker in accelerating CSP 5G builds as well as bolstering the company’s 5G competitive outcomes.