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Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Roll Out New Training and Certifications in a Move Designed to Enhance Channel Partner Offerings

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Futurum analyst Michael Diamond discusses recent announcements by Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud around the roll out of additional training and certification programs, exploring why these programs are not only good for channel partners looking to transform their business models, they’re smart move for the hyperscalers as well.

Can MSPs Build a Service Around Customer Journey Mapping?

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The history of customer journey mapping is deep and diverse, though it hasn’t always had the same name. Executives at large enterprises like Nordstrom recognized early that understanding customers is important to the success of a business. That’s why they developed their famously lenient return policy. By looking at customer needs and how they engage with your company, you gain …

Insight Brokers: Can MSPs Simplify Big Data for Business?

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Big data is a big deal. It’s a term tossed around in the current business environment as a way to gain insights into a company environment or consumer needs. Resources can be streamlined through the use of big data by helping enterprises understand their employees and gauge the demand for products or services – and executives can use it for …

The Biggest Challenge for MSPs…What the Heck is an MSP?

In IoT by Daniel Newman1 Comment

The term managed service providers—or MSPs—has been around for nearly a decade, but what it really means is one of the biggest conundrums in the IT industry. We all know an MSP is a company that manages and maintains the day to day operations of the network and/or IT functionality on behalf of its clients, outside their premises. But, that …

Workplace Gamification: The Service Companies Need from Their MSP

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All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Well, not anymore. Gamification is the hot new trend many organizations are using to increase the level of employee engagement in the workplace. For the uninitiated, gamification means introducing game-thinking in non-game environments. In the case of workplace gamification, common elements—like competition, rewards, and storytelling—are “borrowed” from traditional games and …