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Data Center Automation is the Way to Go

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IT departments and data center personnel take on an ever-increasing set of tasks in today’s world. From compliance to application management, manual data management is more than a full-time job. If your data center team needs extra support, consider the opportunities in data center automation. Define Data Center Automation Companies define “data center” in several different ways. It may refer …

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What’s the Deal with Hyperconvergence?

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Hyperconvergence is a complicated-sounding word for the technology that simplifies life. It offers storage, computing, networking, and virtualization all in one package. Hyperconvergence systems store and utilize components working in tandem from a single vendor. These systems are becoming more and more mainstream as more businesses seek to simplify their workflow. Hyperconvergence technology challenges traditional data center architecture—that is, the …

Is Unified Communications, Unifying Communications

In Technology by Daniel Newman1 Comment

In the integration space, particularly the AV integration space, unified communications (UC) has long been a highly discussed, yet rarely understood topic. For many years, AV professionals have been debating about what is included in a unified communications solution—is it voice and video? Does it include messaging or presence? What about real time web collaboration? And how is social media …

Keeping Data Safe in the Cloud is Every IT Team’s Goal

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Here’s something that I hear all the time and I’m sure you do as well: “The future of business is cloud technology.” A decade ago, the pundits and prognosticators who uttered these words may have had been considered visionaries, but today, cloud is not only the future, it’s very much the present. As those of us in the tech space …

IT Pros and Working Toward The Frictionless Enterprise

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In an era of increasing reliance on technology in business, the traditional in-house IT model for enterprise companies is coming under pressure as other aspects of the organization look for a more nimble approach. In many instances, it’s not unusual for the IT function to be viewed as something of an obstruction to be worked around rather than an asset …

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The Changing Role of the CIO [Study]

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The role of the Chief Information Officer (CIO) is one that has seen constant change over the years, as the rapid pace of the digital revolution has presented business with new opportunities and challenges. That evolution seems likely to continue according to a recent study, which suggests that IT leaders see themselves playing a much more strategic role in the …

7 Cloud Capabilities Clouding Executive Views

In Cloud by Daniel Newman2 Comments

The cloud is all the rage. From Apple’s iCloud to Netflix to Dropbox to Google Apps, we are surrounded by cloud talk. Business use is driving consumer use. Meanwhile, consumer use is creating a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) landscape, and companies are feeling the pressure to embrace the cloud. However, business executives are at best cloudy about the value …