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10-Point Open Source Software Security Mobilization Plan Unveiled by Linux Foundation, OpenSSF, to Strengthen Open Source Security in Pursuit of White House Goal

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Futurum analyst Todd R. Weiss examines the new 10-point open source software security mobilization plan from The Linux Foundation and OpenSSF that lays out how software creation must be changed to fulfill a critical White House goal of strengthening open source software security.

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U.S. National Quantum Initiative Advisory Board Repositioned to Directly Advise White House on Quantum Computing Policies as a National Priority for Science, Tech

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Futurum analyst Todd R. Weiss analyzes the impact of a White House executive order that brings the U.S. National Quantum Initiative Advisory Board into a much closer relationship with the president and other governmental leaders to keep them better informed about quantum computing and its impacts on the U.S.

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Healthcare Ransomware Attacks to Double by 2018 [Report]

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There can be little doubt that recent technological advances have enormous potential to benefit both patients and practitioners across the healthcare sector. As administrators and engineers strive to capture the benefits sensor technology and big data analysis can offer however, EHR systems are increasingly coming under threat from cyber security breaches, and, in particular, from increasingly sophisticated ransomware attacks. That …

Hybrid Cloud: The Public and Private Cloud Mash-Up and its Benefits

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Many organizations have adopted at least some public cloud solutions for the convenience, scalability, and affordability they offer—but security is a common hang-up, particularly for companies that handle sensitive or heavily regulated information. Having full control over dedicated servers is one benefit of building a private cloud—infrastructure that’s used by just one organization—but many businesses don’t have the budget or …