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When Big Data Causes Big Problems #SMACtalk Ep 26

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We all know that Big Data is a hot topic. As businesses and consumers we are constantly witnessing how data can be used to better understand our customers, our operations and of course our own buying behavior.  However, big data in all of its glory isn’t always so perfect. What happens when we let data become a mere support structure …

How Cloud Partnerships Drive Next Generation Business Solutions #IBMPWLC

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In this most recent episode of SMACtalk Live, co-hosts Brian Fanzo and Daniel Newman welcomed in special co-host Jerry Champlin, Co-Founder and CTO of Absolute Performance a global Managed Service Provider (MSP). When we first met Jerry, we weren’t exactly sure how we were going to craft a story for SMACtalk that would be exciting and engaging for our audience. …

Video Will Reimagine The Future of Communication #SMACtalk Live Ep 12

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In this episode (#12) of SMACTalk, co-hosts Brian Fanzo and Daniel Newman explore the ways that video is changing the way businesses market, communicate and socialize. Over the past 10+ years, the internet has redefined media. First social media (Twitter, Facebook, WordPress) shifted print media from a lengthy creative process to an instant on-demand industry and then radio followed suit …

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#CES2015: It’s All About the Big Data [#Podcast]

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Sure Big Data isn’t a new topic. In fact the idea that we are making such a big deal about it is kind of funny because as enterprises we have been collecting, storing and inappropriately been using data for decades. Yes, we have more of it now, and more data means more challenges. However, our big data problem may not …

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Social, Mobile, Big Data and Cloud Converge Into Ubiquity

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About this post: This past week Brian Fanzo and I officially launched our Podcast “SMACtalk” live. This post was inspired by the conversation we are having on (S)ocial, (M)obile, (A)nalytics, and (C)loud. From covering the future of work to the most useful applications of technology for business, we believe these topics are compelling and we are so excited to have …