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In this most recent episode of SMACtalk Live, co-hosts Brian Fanzo and Daniel Newman welcomed in special co-host Jerry Champlin, Co-Founder and CTO of Absolute Performance a global Managed Service Provider (MSP).

When we first met Jerry, we weren’t exactly sure how we were going to craft a story for SMACtalk that would be exciting and engaging for our audience. Absolute Performance is a strong organization, but by in large they have a very specific focus in delivering cloud and managed services to companies that focus in the Collection Space.

At first blush we thought…”How do we make collections+cloud a sexy topic?”

Thankfully, in our conversation, some terrific storytelling, tweetables and insights came to light that turned the conversation into a fascinating journey into the evolving service provider and how they can change business outcomes for clients that don’t only meet expectations, but solve issues the clients didn’t know they had; or at very least didn’t realize technology could solve.

So let’s dive into two terrific insights that Jerry brought out in our conversation.

  1. Data Drives Tomorrow’s Solutions: Jerry shared with us a story about how the raw data in collections often lacked the ability to pull the insights clients were looking for. While some questions may be answered, many couldn’t be from data alone. Instead, it took listening on the floor and hearing what made some agents, for instance, better than others. Through partnership, vision and data though, Jerry shared with us how a next generation solution can be built that uses data created to capture these less obvious sentiments.


  1. Partnership Means We Know We Aren’t Alone: Perhaps the most poignant moment of the chat was when we asked Jerry about what real partnership means to him and he said…”Partnership means we know we aren’t alone.” He proceeded to describe how partnership is a necessity for him to build these solutions and to not only stay the course but evolve his business and more importantly his customers’ business.

For SMACtalk, this topic wound up being an amazing dive into the actual deployment of cloud in a company that wouldn’t be considered a “Tech” company. But much like we say all the time here, Jerry also believes it isn’t about technology, but business outcomes.

In the future, work will be more defined by data, cloud and how we use these technologies to run better businesses. Of course our partnerships and the ability to build solutions on the backs of a business ecosystem (Read: community) may be one of the most powerful, yet understated means to continued meaningful innovation.

Look out for more from us here on #SMACtalk from IBM Partnerworld 2015…Thanks as always for tuning in.


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More Information about our Co Host

JERRY CHAMPLIN – CTO and President – Jerry founded Absolute Performance in 1997 with initial focus on solving core business application performance and availablity challenges.  He is responsible for strategic technology leadership of the company including guiding the continuous evolution of System Shepherd® APM as a Service Platform and defining strategic business services for the company.  Champlin serves as a trusted advisor to major clients on topics ranging from applying Application Lifecycle and Service Management best practices to SaaS application design.

“As an organization, we are committed to providing business solutions to our customers enabling them to deliver critical business applications at a lower cost and higher value to their end customers.  The System Shepherd Platform and associated services are key elements in our strategy to increase application management transparency and reducing our customers’ operational costs.”

Jerry has worked with customers from Conseco Insurance to MD-IT to Business Objects and many others to help align their business requirements with application delivery results.  He earned his Bachelor of Arts in Physics from Carleton College and Master of Science in Civil Engineering from the University of Minnesota.
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