Video Will Reimagine The Future of Communication #SMACtalk Live Ep 12

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In this episode (#12) of SMACTalk, co-hosts Brian Fanzo and Daniel Newman explore the ways that video is changing the way businesses market, communicate and socialize.

Over the past 10+ years, the internet has redefined media. First social media (Twitter, Facebook, WordPress) shifted print media from a lengthy creative process to an instant on-demand industry and then radio followed suit as Podcasts, Pandora and other mobile listening platforms saw sizable growth and began disrupting the way we consumed audio on the go.

The next big wave has been video. For media or businesses to produce video it used to be a highly planned studio event. There was no way a “Selfiesque” video taken on a mobile phone would ever be published on a company owned site.

That was then, and this is now.

With Twitter, Vine, Instagram and so many others launching instant video uploads and of course with YouTube acting as the worlds video playground, today video is being uploaded fast. In fact, the internet sees more than 48 hours worth of video uploaded to YouTube every minute. If you also consider that the human brain on average processes video 60,000 times faster than written content it becomes clear just how powerful it can be.

So raw and ad-hoc video is becoming an acceptable norm for media and business. So what are some ways that companies can leverage this new, easy to create platform?

Customer Service: Imagine responding to a negative tweet with a short video from a company executive right on Twitter assuring them that your company cares and will take care of the problem? Powerful stuff!

Employee Advocacy: While not entirely new, why can’t CEO’s and business leaders create on demand videos to educate and share news with employees. These short videos allow company employees to look into the digital eyeballs of executives they can’t often sit with face to face.

Brand Building: What about creating customers and relationships? People want to work with companies they like and real time video is a tremendous way for people to quickly get a real sense for the people of an organization. If the story is true that we buy from whom we like, then video may be a great way to shorten the sales cycle!

A powerful and rapidly proliferating technology, video puts people face to face while allowing better, more clear messaging. It’s the future and it will reimagine the way we communicate.

As promised at the end of the episode, The Video of this podcast recording special for you to enjoy since we did talk the power of video for engagement!



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