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The Newest Trend in IoT: Physical Flexibility

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The Internet of Things (IoT) has led to some exciting innovations. From fitness trackers to blood pressure monitors and smart home devices, its reach is expanding. The next trend is toward not only mobility, but also flexibility—and I mean that literally. A few recent developments have set incredible expectations for the coming year. Roll Up Your Display Last month, Samsung …

Small Innovation May Be the Biggest Innovation in Tech

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We frequently hear things like, “The next mobile device will have an X percent bigger screen than the last one.” Do these things sound impressive anymore? Not in a world where a new device update hits the market every couple of months, if not weeks. At the recent Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), people weren’t that excited (at least not …

Always On World Means Tech Companies Need to Organize the Cloud

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What does an “always-on” world need? To make our hyper-connected world go round, it needs more mobility, data, access, tools, and collaboration. We live in an era of tools and apps. Accounting, email marketing, customer service, project management—literally every area of your business has access to apps to streamline business operation. As business becomes more demanding and complex, organizations fight …