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Algorithmia Integrates AI Model Governance with GitOps

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Algorithmia integrates AI model governance with GitOps, integrating ML and code development into DevOps workflows that use Git as a source-code repository. With this announcement, Algorithmia has made it easier to use GitHub to break down the silos that traditionally have kept ML developers and application coders from integrating tightly within today’s continuous DevOps workflows.

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AWS Releases AutoGluon, an Innovative Open-Source Tooling for Automated Machine Learning

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AWS released AutoGluon, an open source toolkit for automated machine learning, designed specifically for software developers, promising the ability to simplify deep learning for non-experts. If AWS were to release AutoGluon as a commercial solution within its flagship data science DevOps solution, it would be the first of the leading vendors to do so. Here’s what we think is essential moving forward if that’s where this is going.