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Microsoft Research AI Ethics Checklist Crafts Principles for Designing AI DevOps Processes

In AI, Technology News by James KobielusLeave a Comment

Microsoft Research AI ethics checklist is a set of published principles for designing ethics checklists that can be readily operationalized in AI DevOps processes. We commend Microsoft Research’s recent effort to catalyze consensus within the practitioner community for the purpose of developing clear principles for designing operationalizable AI ethics checklists.

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The Ethical Side of Artificial Intelligence

In Technology by Daniel Newman1 Comment

Once upon a time, the biggest threat posed by artificial intelligence (AI) was that it might create robots who would steal parts of our human workload. But today, as AI becomes even smarter—in many cases able to read social queues and emotions even better than humans—many are starting to worry AI could take over humanity altogether. Stephen Hawking once said …