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Microsoft’s New Employee Experience Platform, Microsoft Viva, Connects Employee Productivity and Wellness to Smoother Work Experiences

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Could Microsoft Viva’s plan to humanize the workplace be the key to boosting employee productivity, creativity, and retention? Seeing technology now being used to re-humanize the workplace, humanize workflows, and give people rather than systems more agency and initiative, seems to Futurum’s Olivier Blanchard to be a very positive and welcome change in the enterprise. Microsoft’s new Viva employee experience platform certainly appears to be aiming to deliver on that vision.

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Dropbox Targets Collaborative Workspace Transformation

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So what’s the real deal here? Where’s the value? We’ve done a lot of research and advised a lot of clients in the area of workplace transformation, and one issue that keeps coming to light is that enterprise users rely on a lot of applications and collaboration tools — perhaps even too many. What is consistently missing is a unifying “mother of all tools” and that is exactly what Dropbox is bringing to the table.

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Making the Most of Collaboration Inside the Enterprise

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Collaboration is what drives innovation and growth inside enterprise organizations. I know it, you know it, and the data shows it. Neilson, for example, has reported collaboration increases creative output and improves concept performance to such a degree that ideas developed by teams of three or more team members have a whopping 156 percent greater appeal with consumers than those …

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How Collaboration Inside the Enterprise Has Shifted

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Startup Stock Photos[/caption]Businesses today know that success in the marketplace requires an understanding of knowledge management and collaboration as well as increased options for flexible work/life balance for workers. Organizational psychology backs up the pursuit of open collaboration, and in many cases, a flexible work environment inspires loyalty and productivity. Combined with a younger workforce interested in new technology, these …

Always On World Means Tech Companies Need to Organize the Cloud

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What does an “always-on” world need? To make our hyper-connected world go round, it needs more mobility, data, access, tools, and collaboration. We live in an era of tools and apps. Accounting, email marketing, customer service, project management—literally every area of your business has access to apps to streamline business operation. As business becomes more demanding and complex, organizations fight …

Cloud collaboration and the future of ad hoc real-time communication

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With new technologies and solutions arriving at our doorstep more frequently, there has been a seismic shift in the way we communicate as individuals, businesses, governments, and societies. Today, much of our business communication is built upon the foundation of scheduled meetings and calls. However, we are always connected via text, social, and mobile. When it comes to business, improving …