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National Geographic Society and The Climate Pledge Collaborate on Climate Storytelling to Raise Awareness of the Global Climate Crisis and Potential Solutions

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Futurum principal analyst Shelly Kramer explores the collaboration between the National Geographic Society and The Climate Pledge to fund climate storytelling projects that address global climate change, with an emphasis on the power of storytelling to educate and inspire meaningful outcomes.

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Honeywell Deepens Sustainability Goals, Commits to Science-Based Target to Reduce its Emissions In Line with Climate Science and Supports the Paris Climate Agreement

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Futurum analysts Todd R. Weiss and Shelly Kramer explore Honeywell’s latest moves to further its commitment to fight climate change by adopting broader sustainability and ESG goals, including getting help to continue to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at its facilities around the world.

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Alexa, Grow a Tree: Amazon Continues Its Global Sustainability Efforts to Celebrate Earth Month and Plant a Tree for $1 Through the One Tree Planted Project

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Futurum analyst Todd R. Weiss explores Amazon’s latest global sustainability effort — Alexa, grow a tree. Partnering with environmental charity One Tree Planted provides a clever and easy way for Amazon Alexa users to contribute $1 at a time to plant a critically-needed tree somewhere on the Earth.

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Amazon Announces Investments in Two Sustainable Companies as Part of The Climate Pledge Fund

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Futurum’s lead analyst Shelly Kramer covers Amazon’s investments in two sustainable tech companies as part the latest round of funding from The Climate Pledge Fund, a $2 Billion venture capital fund dedicated to supporting promising green tech startups in a variety of industries. She also provides insights on how these investments will impact the climate change fight.