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Microsoft Inspire: Microsoft Makes New Investments to Drive Organizational Resiliency for Partners

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At Microsoft’s Inspire event the company highlighted its Return to Workplace offering, with investments intended to help clients and partners build and enable resilient organizations around the world as we collectively shift to a digital first mindset. Already a significant player in the enterprise workforce, the continued strengthening of its various offerings, all designed to seamlessly work together, serve the myriad needs across the enterprise, as well as in the partner ecosystem, means that organizations don’t have to look outside the Microsoft solution set to do what it is they need to do. I would guess this makes other SaaS providers nervous, and rightfully so.

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Five Vital Elements for Disaster Plan Success

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A disaster recovery (DR) plan is an essential part of your company’s Business Continuity Plan (BCP), the living document that details how your organization guards against future disasters—ranging from viruses to terrorist attacks to hurricanes and natural disasters. And while people often use the terms business continuity and disaster recovery interchangeably, the two mean very different things. A BCP is …