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Intel and Red Hat Aim to Streamline 5G Deployment and Adoption Process

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The extension of the Intel-Red Hat alliance will ease the pain and suffering of service providers as well as enterprises in accelerating their adoption of cloud-native capabilities to rapidly boost the agility and flexibility of 5G implementation journeys. Intel and Red Hat have the portfolios and deployment expertise to reduce the complexity of 5G deployments, particularly in areas such as assuring interworking of open source Open RAN and 5GC technologies in hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

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GSMA Intelligence Report: Mobile Operators May Still be Underestimating the ROI of 5G mmWave Deployments

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In the new GSMA Intelligence report published today, it’s clear that mobile operators may still be underestimating the ROI of 5G mmWave deployments. The comprehensive report shows various inflection points where mmWave begins to become profitable in areas where demand for capacity is concentrated (like dense urban areas, large buildings, airports, advanced manufacturing plants, and stadiums), and where 3.5 GHz networks can no longer keep up with demand, with and without the deployment of FWA solutions. Most importantly, the report illustrates that overcoming misconceptions about mmWave’s financial viability faster than other operators may be the ultimate competitive advantage in a maturing 5G economy.