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Casa Systems Scores 5G Marketing Coup with Verizon 5G Core Win and Equity Investment

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Futurum’s Ron Westfall assesses why Casa Systems supplying 5G Core Network Functions to support Verizon’s public MEC service offering coupled with Verizon’s $40 million equity investment in Casa Common Stock bolster Casa Systems overall 5G ecosystem credibility and demonstrates how 5G openness and architecture can give operators more supplier flexibility in building out their 5G networks.

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EC 2022: Mavenir Communicates New Business Communications Portfolio Capabilities

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Mavenir unveils a SaaS portfolio of business communications for CSPs, channels and systems integrators aimed at meeting the customer engagement, business messaging, CPaaS, UCaaS, and CCaaS needs of all businesses regardless of size. Futurum’s Ron Westfall assesses why the new Business Communications Portfolio expands Mavenir’s addressable market across the business communications realm and enhances its overall 5G proposition.

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New Futurum Research Report: Why Intel’s Portfolio Key to Powering Ecosystem-wide 5G Innovation

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In our research paper “Intel: 5G Trailblazer Powering 5G Ecosystem-wide Innovation”, we conclude that operator 5G decision makers must prioritize considering Intel as their primary trusted advisor in driving their 5G network journeys, since Intel provides the extensive portfolio capabilities and channel expertise (i.e., Intel Network Builders) across the most strategic 5G technology areas, such as network cloudification, 5G edge, 5G core, vRAN, and 5G ecosystem, needed to meet the highest priority 5G business objectives.